Sunday, April 4, 2010

Taking Mother to the Beach Before She Dies

Mother has been all over us for several months to take her to the beach because she "wants to see it one more time before I die." Even though she isn't dying, Hank and I decided to go ahead and take her so she'll quit carrying on about it. She's going around telling anybody who'll listen that we won't take her anywhere.

We have a trip planned very soon...just two nights. If that goes well then we'll plan a longer trip later this summer. Her general way of operating is that she'll call us two nights before we're scheduled to leave and say she isn't going.

Usually she says that her ears hurt. If that happens this time, Ned, Hank and I will have a glorious time at the beach with mother's VISA card.

All afternoon, the conversational loop was:

Mother: I guess we'll need to take winter clothes to the beach?

Me: No, it's going to be plenty warm. You'll take spring clothes and a sweater.

Mother: I thought I'd take winter clothes. I don't have a sweater.

Me: NO winter clothes and yes, you have a very nice sweater that we gave you for Christmas.

Mother: I don't think I have a sweater. Don't we need to take winter clothes to the beach??

On and on it went until I finally said, "Yes, I think you're right. You'll need to take winter clothes to the beach." (I mean really, I'm going to be the one packing her clothes anyway so THERE!!!!!)

When I got ready to leave, mother walked outside and pretty as you please said, "I'm about to burn up out here. Why in the WORLD did you say that I need to take winter clothes to the beach????"

This is precisely why I take a "Lord have mercy and give me patience" pill (otherwise known as a "flying pill") before I go to Green Grove.


  1. This story. Oh, this story. It belongs in a magazine or short story collection somewhere! LOVE IT. Keep your sanity Belle, y'all will make it to the beach yet... :) Oh, and happy Easter!

  2. OMW... I am just waiting to fill your shoes. I know I will. I need to share this post with my sister. She will totally relate!

  3. Too cute...I can totally relate!

    I hope you have beautiful and blessed Easter!


  4. Oh my, so many can relate to just that sort of thing!! Hang in there!


  5. Have fun at the beach.
    Don't forget to take a sweater. those breezes can be chilly.

  6. If you don't laugh you'd cry. Can totally relate to your situation with your mother; it's very familiar. Hang in there.

  7. Oh you poor thing. I would be praying for patience too. Good luck:)

  8. Ha! This gave me a good little chuckle. You always make me laugh with your stories. :)

  9. I knew when I read the title that this was gonna be good. One of my bff's always has good stories after she's been home to Arkansas. Did I share the story with you about the volume of the TV?? xoxo

  10. Patience, I am glad you have it! Cute story, should definitely be somewhere like a earlier commenter mentioned!

  11. Hello! I'm always on the looking for "southern belles" as I'm southern born and educated and transplanted to the Chicago area. Sometimes the wonderful (and they are) folks around here just don't get my southern ways but that doesn't stop me. To move to Chicago from Charleston, S.C. was quite a culture shock but we're doing o.k.!

    See y'all again soon.


  12. Oh Lord, I will pray for patience for you.

    Thank goodness for your "mommy pills" as I call them.

  13. What a cute story. Have fun with Mother at the beach. Patience, patience!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  14. Oh my goodness!! How I can relate to the clothes thing with my mother!!! Hope the trip is/was eventful!



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