Wednesday, April 28, 2010

DO Mercy!

I'm trying to think of something interesting to share but I've pretty much been working or sleeping....and eating. Eating like crazy and on the run...eating in my car...A LOT! Let me throw a few randoms atcha...

I've developed an addiction to the peach milkshakes (for a limited time only) at Chickfila (figures that the first thing I'd write is about food). They're easy to enjoy in the car.

In about a week, Legare is going to be 2/3 a lawyer. In about a week and a year he'll be whole lawyer and therefore financially independent. The boy recently went nuts with my credit card again. We had to have a talk...

He'd better anty up for a NICE nursing home when the time comes.

In three days, Lorelai will be halfway through college. Remember when I first started blogging and she was just graduating from high school and Legare from college. Time flies my friends...REALLY, it does!

Mother called the other night because a family reunion is coming up and her sister was insisting that she go. She wanted to know if we were going. Apparently the family doesn't want to see me because I knew absolutely nothing about a reunion. That's fine...I didn't want to go anyway. (really, I don't know ANY of those people). Anyhow, mother thought that PERHAPS I knew and PERHAPS they were going to surprise her as the oldest person there and give her a a million dollars.

I can't make this stuff up...DO mercy! Although if they DO every decide to give her a million dollars I'll be sure to show up...uninvited or not!


  1. Do Mercy is right!! I got a kick out of this post! Oh I am sorry you told me about those milkshakes, I'll be sure not to stop in, I'd be addicted too!

    Have a nice evening.


  2. Your post made me laugh!! I hope your Mom gets her million dollars. LOL! I'm with you, I love those peach milkshakes. They are delicious! Time does fly. My daughter will be a senior in the fall. It just seems like I took her to college. I know you are proud of your son (even if he does run up the credit card). Enjoy the rest of your week. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. LOL!!! Don't you just love the answers our mothers can give us??!!



  4. My son is turning 16 yrs. old next Wednesday and I can't believe it. Time does fly by.

    You are so funny! Your mom thinking up this stuff is priceless. Keep your chin up!

  5. Oh, your mom is a riot! It never ends does it!?! Funny stuff!

  6. I love the Peach shakes at Chikfila. LOVE THEM. Luckily, we don't have one close to where we live or I would be 500lbs.

    You know what else is good? Get half nonsweet tea and half diet lemonade. A diet Arnold Palmer.

    Your mother. No words.

  7. My husband saw a commercial for those peach milkshakes and went nuts. I thought he was going to leave the house right then and there to go get one.


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