Saturday, April 17, 2010

Facebooking with the Family

So...BUSY week here in the Land of Belle. Last night I logged onto Facebook to see what I've been missing over six or so days. And by "see what I've been missing" I mean stalking my children's facebook accounts. Legare has been eating out a lot and Lorelai put blond highlights in her hair. I guess we paid for all of that...I'll know for certain when the VISA bill comes, but I'm pretty sure.

Anyhow...I was dog tired last night and put on my FB status "Teachers! Give your principal a hug on Monday...It's harder than it looks."

Legare remarked first..."Being a principal or hugging them? We tried "hug your lawyer" one day but that didn't go so hot.

Then Lorelai..."How about hug your student day. I bet that would go over better.

Legare..."Yeahhhhh...because there definitely wouldn't be any lawsuits from that....

I decided to jump in at that point...

Me: "How LUCKY am I to have such supportive children? Who pays your tuition and car payments and rent and buys your food? WAIT...that would be daddy and ME. Want to rethink your remarks?

Stay tuned...I'm sure there will be a response. (and it BETTER be the right one!)


  1. That sounds like a great way to keep after your kids...I hope there is facebook in the next 7 years!

    I'd give you a hug if you were my principle...well, actually I'd give you one now if I lived near you :)

    Good to be back and seeing what's been up with you my friend :)


  2. Gotta love facebook. It really is a great way to spy on, I mean keep up with, our busy kids. Sounds like the new job is keeping you hopping, hope all is going smoothly. And I'm anxious to see any follow up comments :) Kathy

  3. Sounds familiar! I love your blog and think your posts are so entertaining. When I was driving around in Charleston last week, and passed Legare Street, I thought of your blog!!


  4. Yes, I love to keep up with everybody via Facebook. Hope you have had a restful weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

  5. Love your remark!! Nothing more fun than facebook stalking - hehe. xoxo

  6. Love it! I'll admit to a smidge of FB stalking of my own children. I mean, how else would we know everything we need to?

    Just sayin'

  7. I thought this post was a RIOT! I totally stalk my younger siblings facebook pages to find out what they are up to that they're not telling me! I have been known to report back to Mom too! :) Hope you're having a super weekend XO

  8. lol! I was amazed when my children "friended" me. I have only made a couple remarks - mine might turn me off! :)

    Have a wonderful Monday! May the hug a principal day be great!

  9. That is sooo true! I wish I would of appreciated my parents a little bit more when they were paying for all of my college and luxuries.

    I didn't realize what a gift that was!!!

  10. My eleven-year-old wants a FB account. Hmmmm... do I really want him commenting on my status??? LOL

  11. I passed on a blogger Happy Award to you. It's on my blog!

    The Classic Preppy


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