Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ned Joins a Club

Ned's housemate's dad is a member of the Kiwanis Club and he's starting a Kiwanis Aktion Club, a service organization for the boys and other disabled adults in the Orangeburg area. Hank went over the other night for the first meeting and, as always when mother puts herself in the middle of something she has no business in...well...there's a story.

There are only five members to start with (they need more so if you know someone in the greater Orangeburg, SC area who'd like to take part, let me know) and will meet once a month.

We didn't tell mother about the meeting for the obvious reason but she just happened to be walking around, saw the group in a meeting room, and went in. They tried to explain the purpose and that she didn't need to be there but what SHE heard was, "we're up to something sinister that will cause lots of problems for lots of people and will brainwash your son and all of the other boys and send them to live in a commune where they'll be tortured and have to eat dirt!"

She called Hank into the hallway and, putting her hands on her hips and in a high pitched voice asked, "WHY? WHY CAN'T I BE IN THERE?" Needless to say he told her she didn't have to leave. As the meeting progressed, she wouldn't hush. She kept asking the same questions over and over, still not understanding that this had nothing whatsoever to do with her.

After watching a couple of videos and talking about potential volunteer projects, the group began to elect officers. I think that's SO cute! When Hank got home, he told me about mother and then said, "Your brother got elected secretary...actually, he got elected treasurer first but your MOTHER wouldn't LET him be treasurer!"

Now I ask much sense does that make? Ned reads on a first grade level on a good day. He can write his name but it takes him five minutes, bless his heart. He can, however, COUNT so treasurer makes much better sense. I'm going to have to have a chat with mother about minding her own business.
I can see the Aktion Club becoming a secret society with a top secret meeting place from now on.


  1. There needs to be a club for the overprotective mothers of sons who just want to get a life club. Mother can be president! Ha!
    You always have such cute family stories, never a dull moment!

  2. I can just see the whole extravaganza unfolding before my eyes. You MUST write a book!

    God bless you, Belle!

  3. I think we need to find your mom a 12-step program for meddling mothers. Surely there are enough meddling mothers out there to have warranted the creation of such a group? Go Ned!

  4. Congratulations to Ned! Way to go.

  5. Congratulations to Ned. What a great story.

  6. Yes, definitely Congratulations to Ned! Your Mom need an interesting visitor at the time of the next meeting to keep her occupied.

  7. Way to go Ned. That is awesome!! I know you are so proud. Your Mom is a hoot. Love & blessings from NC!

  8. Your mom cracks me up. Of course she's not mine, so I can see the humor. And Hank, does that man have more patience than anyone?

  9. You always have such cute family stories, never a dull moment!
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