Friday, March 13, 2009

Frugal Friday...Week 4

Week 1- Bundled phone, internet, cable to save $50 per month

Week 2- Turned in leased car and bought new car. Save $200 per month on car payment plus savings on gasoline.

Week 3- Whole family puts away the credit basis only. Children not happy but have been convinced to comply. Rest assured that neither of them is going to suffer. They will just have to THINK a little bit, because the days of whipping out the American Express card for any and all manner of food and merchandise is over. They can get the same thrill from whipping out the debit card...they just have to make sure there's enough money in the checking account beforehand. I guess that isn't EXACTLY the same thrill but anyhow...
Week 4

I must be the last one to understand that stores actually SUBTRACT money from the bottom line of your purchase when you give them those coupons that come in the newspaper or in the mail... I KNEW it but never took the time to read the sale paper or clip the coupons. Between the CVS card and coupons, I saved $10 the other day on regular things that we routinely buy. Another $15 in one grocery store and $10 in another.

I could kick myself for not taking time to do this YEARS ago

I feel like I've been reckless!

So...what am I going to do next week? Any ideas??


  1. I shut off cable and save $145.00 a month. I am just as satisfied with my local HD channels and who watches all those foolish channels anyway. I could surf forever and end up with the TV Guide channel on all day long. My kids called it my "favorite channel"... I didn't watch TV at all for more than a year and didn't even miss it.. Are you up for the challenge? I have more, all in good time. I will try the coupon suggestion, but I always leave them on the counter. :-o

  2. Those savings really add up too.

  3. We also have the grocery store savings card where you can get discounts on different items. I usually save anywhere from $20-$40 using the store savings card.

  4. Good for you. One easy weekly habit that I have is to take all loose coins and roll them and deposit them in my kid's savings. You would be surprised at how quickly pennies make lots of dollars. My son told me that companies who make the most are the ones who count the change. When the passbook saving reaches a certain amount, we then open a certificate of deposit, and then a mutual fund. You would be surprised. I am the "change" bandit. A simple jar or dish by the kitchen sink or your entry and all who return simply drop the coins...a good habit!


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