Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Geriatric Mean Girls

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Who would a thunk it...there are geriatric "mean girls" at Green Grove.

Mother has been doing beautifully. I could hardly believe my ears yesterday when she said, "Well, it isn't home but it surely is nice. I think WE made a good decision." I about choked on my Pepsi at the "we" part but, hey, whatever works.

Somebody...a new "friend" made what mother perceived as a negative remark today about Ned's house. Furthermore...the negative remark was COMPLETELY isn't true...not one word of it. I'm not going to share the remark because in my opinion, even if what the person said was true it wouldn't matter one whit, nevertheless it upset mother. She's called twice in the last half hour.

We pretty much just got past the mean girl thing with Lorelai and her high school friends. I thought about a lot of issues as we moved mother but can honestly say that geriatric mean girls never crossed my mind.

So...we have a new challenge. How will we catapult mother into a position of power on the hall...the Belle of the Hall, so to speak...hmmmm....

I can't believe I just wrote that...the sad thing is that I'm completely serious. Any ideas???


  1. Oh my, I am dealing with the same sort of thing. My Dad passed away 2 years ago and I finally talked my Mama into moving up by me. She had to make it her decision though. Last weekend we finally moved her to Illinois. She has always lived in Mississippi, so it is going to be a big change for her. I am worrying about her making friends and being lonely:) I know God will work it all out though. I am going to follow your blog. Stop by mine if you get a chance. I love the contest idea too. Happy blogaversary.

  2. I am very glad that your mother likes her new home. The other ladies are probably jealous that the men have someone new to be interested in. Apparently senior citizen dating is very competitive!

  3. Do you need to make a "Burn Book" like the movie? :-)

  4. Ugh!
    Well, at least she is happy with "her" decision to move! LOL!! :)

  5. How sad that the mean girls never change. I don't have any words of wisdom on how to deal. I wish that I did.

    I wonder what makes one popular? I wish my grandmother were alive. She seemed well liked when she lived in personal care. I wish that I could ask for her help.

    With your mom's feistiness, I wouldn't be surprised to read that she ends up being one of the queen bees.

  6. I'm afraid that cattiness in females is a thing that might never go away. There are many more of the good girls that were raised to not be like that, which I am very thankful for.

  7. I wish I had a few suggestions to share but currently I'm dealing with the high school version ~ ugh! Perhaps I should be coming to you for advice on how to handle this situation.

    Hang in there, you really have made huge gains with your mother and brother. You should be proud!


  8. Well, you say you can't believe you just wrote that - well, I can't believe I am sitting her visualizing her residence and trying to figure out how to make her "Homecoming Queen" so to speak! - but seriously, she has to have whatever the Belles always have: something that no one else on the hall has??? I would think overall "the best stuff" - snacks, dvd's, etc? Does any of this even sound viable?? She has to be popular really and exude a "don't mess with me, intimidating but still charming" attitude.

  9. Mean girls suck. no matter their age. I wish I had something wise to say.....I'm trying to cut my mean girl loose, but I'm beginning to wonder if I gave her my blog. She's trying to be nicer to me....I'm so confused.

  10. Mean geriatric girls...I would have never ever imagined!

    You're a girl after my own, love, love Pepsi!

  11. Find some mini celeb all the ladies of Green Grove love and have him/her have a private lunch with your mom!!! It would show those other women, who's who around there! LOL!

    I am totally serious!

    My mother in law used to love the guy off of the PBS local S.C. show, Nature (<--I think thats the name of it) Rudy Manke (sp?) and she met him once and LOVED him! She'd tell everyone that story like she'd met a famous hollywood star! LOL!

    Good Luck keep us posted!!

  12. I know what you mean. When we first moved my mom into assisted living, I THINK she was trying to "put on the dog" and got shot down, if you know what I mean. (She liked to brag. She was also a little hard of hearing, so an idle comment could turn into something horrible.) All of a sudden, she wouldn't go near some of the ladies. (They were the ladies who weren't senile...) She was at the first place for 7 months and complained constantly. I finally moved her to another assisted living that was more like a very nice hotel. She seemed much happier at the second place.

    (My mom passed away on Thanksgiving day 2005. Unfortunately she became increasingly senile as she got older and life was difficult. I really miss my "old" mom.)


  13. I wish I had some words of wisdom....but I have none! Maybe after she has been around for awhile, the women will begin to bond...let's hope anyway, for your sake and your mom's...I've always been told that as we age, we revert back to a child in some ways...I see that in mother some already (she's 87) so just like kids do, one minute they are mad at their best friend and find a new one, then the next they're best buddies again...maybe she will just "brush it off" and all will be well...I pray that for you!


  14. You need to get your mom some gangsta clothes and some rap music. She could blast the musid late at night and when the bad girls come to complain they would see that she is now the baddest girl on the block YO. LOL

  15. I agree that mean girls never change, but I think your mom is going to have to find her own way, in her own way. You can't live her life for her and she certainly seems to be strong enough to deal with the mean girls.

  16. I don't know what the issue is but my feed reader hasn't been updating your blog. It looks like I have really missed out too.

    First, I am so happy to hear Ned and you mom are adjusting well. It sounds like it was quite a weekend.

    Second, congrats on your anniversary. I love your blog. I am so glad I found you or you found me. I don't remember how that worked.

    Third, I am off to enter your contest.

    Fourth, Have a great day!

  17. Well it sounds like she's settled in and happy YAY...and I bet she'll find her own way to deal with the mean girls...she seems plenty fiesty!

  18. Can you just imagine having to put up with this type of stuff at that age...I mean really geriatric "mean girls"--they need to let it go! You are so funny telling these stories!

  19. Oh goodness, Geriatric Mean Girls (GMGs?), how bizarre! Although why I would think this would all end with decades of maturation is beyond me. And I'm sorry Miss Belle, but the "WE made a good decision" almost had me on the floor!

    Great post,

  20. WHAT?? You mean this never stops???

    On a serious note, though, I'm sorry that she's going through this. I will pray for her and for YOU.

    And don't feel bad for tryin' to figure out how to make things better for her. ALL of us would be doing that same exact thing.


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