Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Decorating

I told you I would do it and indeed I DID! Well, almost. I don't have all of the gifts wrapped and the big tree isn't decorated and I don't have the mantles completely done and I'm still working on the dining room table BUT, the weekend isn't over, now is it?

See what you think about it so far. I tried something new with my windows. We took our window treatments down several years ago when I was battling allergy problems and kind of like the open look. I saw a photo in a magazine similar to what I did for the holidays this year and think that the taffeta ribbon swags looks REALLY nifty. Hope that you like it too.


  1. looks beautiful and love the taffeta.

  2. I think my favorite is the boxwood wreaths and the carolers....looking good!

    congrats on your progress!! I got nothing!

  3. How festive your home looks!! I love the swag over the windows, brilliant idea. Something like this could be hung right over solid covered drapes as well. Hmmmm... :-)

    I also like all the pretty wreaths you have all around and the vignettes. Lots of awesome Christmas things here, Clair!!


  4. Beautiful!! Cheers for you!! xoxo

  5. Everything is looking just gorgeous. I love the ribbon swags on the windows, the tree in the wagon, the scroll and wreaths on the side of the doors, the beautiful buffet ----- oh gosh, I really love it all. Hugs, Marty

  6. I love the basket on the chair back. Also the table with the tall red branches and candleabras (sp?)
    Looks so homey!
    Strange to look out the window and see green leaves- it is warmer there....

  7. Everything looks so festive - the sideboard in the dining room is beautiful. Love the the Low Country touches... beautiful...

  8. Your home is lovely! I love the taffeta swags (that room gets gorgeous light!) But I think the children's tree is my favorite, the red wagon is just perfect. I'm catching up on my reader, and just finished your Thanksgiving day post. What a wonderful day, the picture of Ned and Hank is priceless. And DH had a coffee through the nose moment when I recounted the funeral plan story! Have a wonderful week. Kathy

  9. Beautiful! I love love love the idea of putting the children's tree in a wagon!

    Today is the first day I feel the urge to decorate for Christmas and it didn't come on slowly. I opened my eyes and BAM! I want it done NOW. Not gonna happen, but it will slowly....


  10. I love how you made your sweetgrass baskets festive!

  11. So pretty and so classic. Love it all.

    The ribbon is a beautiful idea.

  12. good job.
    possibly put something, extra tree limbs from christmas tree in the basket on the chair...something more than the empty basket hanging askew.

    You have a beautiful home, blessed be you.

  13. First of all, I love your classic style of decorating...adore the Secretary and the Piano! That ribbon is precious, love that you have a children's tree for them, and love all the little vignettes you've created. Oh, and I love the "Carolina Christmas" plate!


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