Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oh Those Seminoles and Their Little War Chant--NOT

We had a great Saturday up in Clemson as we enjoyed watching our TIGERS beat the stuffing out of Florida State. While the FSU band was impressive on the field...the Indian war chant thing that they played during the game over and over and over and over and over and get the drift...was the most annoying thing I've heard in ages. I'm sure that they MEAN for it to be sort of ominous and menacing, but it's just aggravating. (No offense to any FSU fans out there...I'm sure our jaunty little Tiger Rag annoys you!)

On the upside...when it became clear that the Seminoles could not come back for a win, all 77,000 of my good friends in Death Valley and I serenaded them with We Will, We Will ROCK YOU. It sounded beautimas, as my dear old Aunt Zoie would say.

Since it was a 7:45 pm game, we had all day to tailgate. Our neighbors invited us to join them and ultimately 40 to 50 friends, friends of friends, friends of get the drift. We had a marvelous time and my Blood Orange Martini Punch was a big hit. Our neighbors have been our neighbors for about 15 years and our girls are fast friends. Their Lilly is a junior at Clemson and younger daughter Rori is a high school senior. They are like sisters to Lorelai and have gotten into all SORTS of things together over the years. It was always more fun at their house because there was no Legare over there...and Donna, their mom, was the nice mom on the street. I was a meanie!! For years it seemed like Lor spent at least one night a weekend next door. They love her and we love them. Aren't good neighbors a blessing!! As a matter of fact, yesterday, Donna was pivotal in helping us finally find a solution to the predicament that I wrote about in my private post several weeks ago. I'm getting her a BIG Christmas gift this year.

Here are three photos of Lorelai and Rori. Lor had to make sure that the tiger paw tattoo (removable of course) was on properly. Then the girls had to look at the pictures they'd been taking. They grew up awfully fast!!


  1. That was an awesome game last night. It reminds me why I never want to move away from here even if I do have an two hour round trip commute to work. :-)

  2. Yay for your Tigers and my Vols as well. Yes, I always find it annoying to listen to the other team's chants, fight songs, etc. I'm sure no one ever tires of our Rocky Top or Go Vols Go! Email me and let me know the solution to the "problem". Thank God for your neighbor.

  3. What an exciting, great game!! Watched from home, but loved every minute of it, and hope you had a blast!!! :)

    Go Tigers!

  4. I sure we could have been at this game instead of the rainy one last weekend! So glad it was nice though for our friends who invited us last weekend. They were being honored (during half time I think) and their whole family was coming to the game. Great photos of the girls.


  5. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Glad to hear that you've come up with a solution to "the problem". And yes, that war chant is annoying as all get out (don't tell any of my FSU alumn relatives - and they are legion lol) At our last family get together I was busted for teaching my nephew the hook 'em sign and how to sing "The Eyes of Texas"!
    Oh well, hopefully they will have forgiven me by next summer lol. Kathy

  6. Although I am a die-hard Gamecock, I was at the Clemson game and I must admit that stupid war chant drove me absolutely batty! There was also a really obnoxious FSU guy in our section who kept taking his shirt off and swinging it around his head. He would also turn around and nod and just look at people when FSU did something good, so it was great to see him get his come-uppance at the end!!

  7. Would you share your recipe for Blood Orange Martini Punch!

    Sounds Yummy!


  8. Death Valley is one of the neatest places we've been to watch the Pack play. Everyone is just so nice and friendly!

    Yay for the Textile Bowl this weekend! No matter who wins, I'll still adore you!

  9. It sounds like a ton of fun. I don't like football, but the tailgating sounds like a blast.

    I can't imagine you as a meanie mom. That moniker fits me well. We were never the fun place to visit. I was the mom who was uptight. I literally would march kids back into the bathroom, because they didn't wash their hands (I didn't hear water), and I was always flinging coasters, because we seemed to be the only family that owned furniture made of wood. LOL

  10. Hello? Martini punch? Need the recipe please!

    Looks like a fun tail gate. Lor is just precious, looks so much like Adam's little sister. So much. And they seem to have the same personalities as well.

  11. Where were your Saturday - Oh wait....that was you dressed in too!!! I had a WONDERFUL time. It was a fabulous game - just wish we had a kicker - I am sure he will have his head straight for Saturday's game.

    GO TIGERS!!!

  12. We don't have this activity, but after seeing you this season...I must say, it looks like a heck of a lot of fun...guess I will just have to live vicariously through you :)

  13. It must have been just a marvelous time Miss Belle, that Blood Orange Martooni mix of yours had to be the best cocktail in the area, bar none! And those girls look just darling, what wonderful photos!!

    Loving your Roy updates, and the Halloween costume post was excellent! George & Martha Washington a la the seventies is outstanding!

    Sending you a smile,

  14. haha! I have been to several FSU games in Tallahassee and I must agree...they play the war chant wayyyyy too much. Glad someone else agrees :)

  15. I just found your blog and we are HUGE FSU fans. My husband's family has had season tickets since Bobby Bowden came there. We are diehard fans. Haven't had much to cheer about for the last 10 years, but we will be back. I love that you are southern. That is what drew me to your blog. I just started my blog because we moved from Florida to northern KY and I wanted to document the process. Come stop by. You will probably like my blog name too.

    (We love college football and all the great fans. That would be anyone except the Gators)

    Southern Comfort in a northern life. blogspot. com


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