Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekends! YAY

Good weekend, how about you??

I got a solid start on my decorating and we spent some time over at the farm. As an added bonus, Lorelai came home for the weekend. Of course we didn't see too much of her, but she did go with her daddy to sit in a deer stand for awhile. No deer, though. They were hiding.

Ned visited for a little bit and had fun on the four wheeler. He won't ride by himself but Hank is very patient and took him all around the farm Ned has finally gotten used to our little dog, Precious, but when Lor, our friend Ann, and I arrived with Ann's little dog (a mirror image of Precious), Ned got a little twitchy. For forty years mother told him that he was afraid of dogs and he REALLY is. (I think that's called brainwashing...) When a dog comes along, he'll run in the house or in the case of Ann's dog, he ran OUT of the house when she came in. At that point, he was ready to go back to his house. Oh well, he's come a long way in the last eight months. We aren't going to change everything overnight.

I'll add a few photos to get ready for work. Yuck!


  1. Glad you had a great weekend and got to see Lorelai. The same thing happens with Abby. She is so excited to tell us she is coming home and then she is out 16 hours a day!

    My weekend was spent mostly crafting on a project that would take someone else an hour to do! lol!! Well that's just me and I had fun.

    Have you been by? I am having a giveaway!


  2. sounds like a FAB weekend! spending time with family and friends...looking forward to the pics

  3. Weekends should last four days. Whomever came up with the five day work week, wasn't too bright.

    Ned and I share a fear of dogs, although my fear has to do with a frightening encounter when I was four, and not my mom's neuroses. I will blame her for the rest of my issues, just as my girls will surely find a way to implicate me for their problems.

  4. RYC: Ha, Im just trying to make myself feel a little better! :) We'll be in MC Christmas week but I can just about promise I won't have a chance to get out to see you. It's gotten to the point where we tell everyone that wants to see us or we want to see to drop by. We'd love for you to do so as well! :)

  5. Glad you had an amazing weekend!! It was especially good to see friends and family. Take care and have a great week. Love % blessings from NC!

  6. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Always enjoy your stories! xoxo

  7. Sounds like a great week-end - made even better by that TIGER WIN!!!!!

    I was in your neck of the woods. I could not stay away from Edisto. I was having withdrawal pains.

    Got my R & R now to Clemson for the last home game.

  8. Glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend :)

    I always love a sweet Ned story.

  9. This sounds like it was such a good time Miss Belle, I can almost see Hank with Ned on the four-wheeler.

    BTW, I love your plans on decorating and cooking, you deserve to sit and enjoy instead of relentless work on a three-day weekend. Good for you!

    Sending you a smile,


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