Sunday, November 1, 2009


I've been enjoying looking at the Halloween photos people are posting. As there were no digital cameras when my children were in the heyday of being enamoured with trick or treating, I really need to go back through their scrapbooks and scan those old photos. I did find a few. Apologies to Legare who is going to sit down and cry because there are none here of him. I love you son...I'm just too lazy to go scan pictures right now.

First, here is my brother Ned in his cowboy outfit. What a cutie pie!

Check Spelling
Here are Lorelai as the beauty queen, and our next door neighbor getting ready to hit the neighborhood.

You'll see the difference a few years make here as Lor dressed up last year as a prom queen. Oh MERCY, how the outfit changed.

Finally, I leave you with a blast from the past with my aunt (for whom I was named) and uncle dressed as George and Martha Washington. They turned quite a few heads that year...I'd say around 1972 or thereabouts.


  1. It's wonderful looking back at hilarious Halloween fun.

    great pix :)

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  3. After seeing some other posts, I thought...why didn't I post some oldies but goodies?? Maybe next year!! Love Martha 7 George!!


  4. Those are classic! ned looks so cute and your daughter looks like she was born in a pretty dress.
    I would never had thought to dress like the Washingtons- neat.
    The Lincolns would also be a great idea.

  5. This is fun seeing these photos from years gone by!


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