Monday, November 30, 2009


You may (or may not) recall that after several months of working with me a year or so ago, Todd the Trainer was let go by my gym. Consequently, I spent about a year floundering and gaining 20 pounds. I'm not proud of it, I'm just saying...

Several weeks ago, I joined a new gym and found Roy...Roy who was willing to call me OUT when I was cranky and push me when I said I was tired. I complained about Roy but honestly, I really like the guy. Not just everybody can deal with me...know what I mean? I've lost 10 or those 20 pounds since I found Roy. Roy is a miracle worker!!!

So this morning I received a text message from Roy asking me to call. I rang him up, at which time he told me that he had been LET GO....

What am I, I ask you??? The kiss of death to the careers of trainers?????

I'm sad...


  1. How do you do without a trainer, unless you are specifically training for something...

    And no, don't blame yourself. You have no idea for the cause.


  2. Good grief! Can you follow him to his next gym? Or are you stuck in a membership contract? I'm so sorry, I know you were making great progress. Hope you find a new trainer soon. Kathy

  3. Why was he "let go"?? Economy? Congrats on losing the 10. How have you changed besides the trainer? What about your eating habits? Thanks for any info! xoxo

  4. nooooooo, what on earth?! well, 10 is no small feat, so you go girl. your gym needs a talking to about who they decide to 'let go'...

  5. First of all, thank you so much for commenting on my blog today. You made me feel know when you have THOSE days, right? Kindof like one of those, first Todd, now WHAT ELSE? Imma just chalk it up to PMS, I guess! ha ha ha!
    Have a great rest of the week and congrats on losing 10 lbs! I know where they went....they hopped the state line and made it to a cute little doublewide in NC!


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