Monday, December 21, 2009


Today begins my two week holiday from work. It was glorious to look out the window this morning at the frosty weather and know that I didn't have to go out in it. Today I'm putting the finishing touches on my Christmas Day menu and making my grocery list. Don't really have to leave the house until a late afternoon hair appointment. Ahhhh....

Yesterday, Hank, Legare, Lorelai and I had brunch at a wonderful little restaurant, Virginia's on King. They have a Tomato Pie that is almost as good as mine. Then we spent the afternoon shopping downtown and enjoying the beautiful sunny day.

Lorelai got a fabulous new pair of shoes (an early Christmas present with $$$ from her grandmothers). She tried them on when she was home for fall break and has not stopped talking about them since. Once she decided that she was going to spend her money on the shoes (and not the five other things she also wanted), she wouldn't take them off. I'm surprised she didn't sleep in them.

Legare couldn't find the Cole Haan boots that he wanted anywhere in his size, so we had to come home and order them.
I have mother's and Ned's packages ready to deliver. Gifts for my neighbors ready. I'm sure I'm missing something...


  1. I love Lorelai's shoes. That wedge heel is really comfortable, so no wonder she didn't take them off!! Very cute.

    My husband is a big fan of Cole Haan and those shoes looks really similar.

    I'm checking things off my list, too. Hopefully I only have grocery shopping left and a quick trip to the drugstore for last minute stocking stuffers. I did a lot of late shopping online but paid a fortune in shipping to make sure it got here on time. Ugh...

    If I don't hear from you again, Merry Christmas to you & your sweet family!! :-)


  2. lorelei and i would get along nicely... those shoes are AWESOME!

    aahhhh! tomato pie. i am counting the days until we move back to the lowcountry! only 6 months to go! :) until then i shall live vicariously through you...

    have a wonderful christmas!!!

  3. Love the shoes! Enjoy your days off. I have two more days of school and then I am done. I cannot wait!

  4. I love the shoes! Enjoy the time you have with them!

  5. I'm SO envious! We don't begin our Christmas break until 1:07 Wednesday afternoon. I'm just like my students ~ counting the hours, minutes and seconds! ;)

  6. I want those shoes!!
    Hey, I noticed you read Miss Janice's post today. Didn't you do a series of posts about Southern funerals last year??? Or have I had a stroke and just think you did ;-) xoxo

  7. I feel the exact same way - I feel as though I am forgetting something. And I fear it's something big too!

    Love the shoes... my Lulu is a Lorelai in training - I made the mistake of taking her one-year-old-self to Nordstrom's shoe department today. She made a bee-line to the most expensive shoes in the store.

  8. LOVE the shoes, but if I had to put those wedges on these old feet - I would not make it two blocks. 10 years ago, no problem, but now -- I am way too old!

  9. Love the TB wedges! I have a 'thing' for TB myself ;)
    And your son's boots are nice too - although being the mom of all boys, I don't get too excited over guy stuff! Plus, my older boys wear 13 & 14 size shoes. The 14's always have to be ordered.

  10. Love, love, love the shoes! And I love Virginia's on King too. They have some yummy mac and cheese and fried chicken too. Will have to try their tomato pie the next time we are down.
    Merry Christmas!


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