Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Anything and Everything

Still enjoying the holiday vacation here in the Land of Belle, but I think I'll be ready to go back to work on Monday morning. I'm starting to get REALLY lazy!

Legare (pronounced like "agree" with an "L") just finished packing his Christmas haul and is headed back to Chapel Hill. He'll ring in the New Year with friends up in DC.

Reflections on 2009? For our family, it was a good year. Miracles happened and I am thankful beyond measure.

Resolutions for 2010? I'm not generally a declarer of New Year's resolutions. As always, I'll just do the best I can in whatever I do.

New Year's Eve plans? Not a single one! I'll cook the traditional New Year's Day meal and we'll likely have a friend or two join us for lunch.

Plans for today? Doctor's appointment (got to get one more in before I have to start over on that deductible!), library, have to take care of some business for Ned in Mt. Pleasant, grocery store, finish taking down the Christmas decorations, and start getting Lorelai organized to start the new semester at Clemson.

What are you up to?


  1. We're going to the library today too! Picking up some books they have on hold for me. Nothing like a good book! Hope you have a great day and a very happy New Year!!!

  2. Glad you told me how to pronounce legare. Was saying it in my head WRONG! Like laaajaaarrre. LOL>

  3. I am so glad you posted how you pronounce Legare's name. I was totally wrong. lol

    We are invited to a party NYE across the street. We have always stayed home with the boys so I am really torn on this. I am not a big fan of NYE other than spending it with my family and being low key.

    We always have my parents over for dinner on NY day. This year we are cooking up a turkey dinner because my dh and oldest son were hunting this Thanksgiving and were up north.

    I hope you have a lovely NYE!

  4. It sounds like you are going to have a nice, relaxing New Years Eve! We are going to our hometown to spend NYE with hubby's family, shooting fireworks, eating chocolate crinkles, and I will be drinking some Tickled Pink!

    Hey, it sounds like you will be in my neck of the woods today (Mt. P)!

  5. Okay.....I finally get the orange thing. Light dawns on marble head. I'm in the process of taking down the Christmas decor. too. Trying to think of at least a couple of good resolutions that I can actually stick too and that are not too unattainable.
    What is your "traditional" New Year's Day meal? My husbands family is from the south and used to have black eyed peas and ham. I tried to make it, but YUCK! Hated those peas. I don't htink I can stomach anymore ham either.

  6. I'm with the majority and was totally saying his name wrong -sorry!! It sounds so much better now - I was really messing it up!

    We do not have big plans at all - and we usually don't. My tradition is to watch cheesy NYE shows on TV and flip back and forth between those countdown shows and then watch the ball drop in NYC.

    My dad and step-mom sent me a gift card this year and I bought a miter saw with it - got it last night - I may do some work for my shop on ETSY. Cannot wait to use that bad boy! You asked, I'm tellin'!! ;-)

    Be safe -

  7. We're going away tomorrow for the weekend in the RV with a group of our RV friends. We usually stay home but this was something different. The only problem is I can't get motivated. I've got so much to do before tomorrow and here I sit on the computer...again!

    Have a safe, relaxing NYE and Happy New Year!

  8. Just finished putting the last of the decorations away.

    Took the kids to a movie.

    Wrapping up laundry.

    And drinks and a movie with a girlfriend tonight. It's been a great day!

    Yours sounds productive as well.

    What is on your New Years menu?


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