Friday, December 4, 2009


This week flew by. The weather has been icky off and on, but Wednesday took the cake. It rained and rained and rained some more. I came home and made a big pot of chicken noodle soup AND vegetable soup. Both were YUMMY in my tummy. Tonight, Hank is making shrimp and grits...his specialty. Yummy in my tummy again!

I finally got my dining room table decorated this week.

Tomorrow's weather is supposed to be icky again. Hank promises that he'll help me with the family room tree and then we'll be all set. I'm waiting for the mailman to deliver ONE more present and then all I have to do is find some things for Ned. I decided against the IPhone for now. Lorelai has an ITouch that she doesn't use, so I think that I'm going to take that to him to try out. He loves toy cars but has probably 100 of them already.
FRIENDS....send me some ideas. I need INSPIRATION! Not only do I need to buy things for our family to give him but I also have to buy some things for mother to give him.
I have to smile, though. Ned is a simple guy. His room is like he likes it and his clothes are like he likes them, and as long as he has a radio (not interested in CD's or an IPod), TV (not interested in DVDs...I got him a DVD player two years ago), and good food, well, he's a happy camper. I could learn a few lessons about living a simpler life from Ned.


  1. Good Evening, What a lovely Christmas table you have set. Your furniture, the wall color, everything is just beautiful. We've had lots of rain and now cold. Your soup sounds mighty good to me. Could you do a few small photo flip albums for Ned to enjoy?

  2. Oh, some vegetable soup sure sounds good right about now! It's cold here too.

    Your dining room looks beautiful, and you know what, I have those same exact dishes. You have good taste my dear!

    As far as gifts for your brother, why change things? How about more clothes and food. Does he need a new robe, slippers, maybe a new watch? Those are always great standbys.

  3. Your dining room is gorgeous! I love the furnishings (that table and sideboard are stunning) and the holiday decorations are beautiful. The weather has been yuck here too, survived the great blizzard of 09 (100 snowflakes whipped by the wind, stores out of everything lol) so there has been alot of soup making here too. As far as gift ideas, does Ned like cars? or just the toy cars? There are some gorgeous custom car mags out there (The Rodders Journal pops to mind). I love your description of what makes him happy, but it does make finding gifts challenging. Maybe a jersey or pennants from his favorite sports teams? Sorry, I've pretty much got bupkis. Have a wonderful weekend. Kathy

  4. The dinning room looks wonderful! I'm so envious that you are almost finished with your Christmas shopping. I still have a ways to go before I begin wrapping.

    Enjoy your weekend~

  5. Gorgeous!! Your dining room is now my inspiration (rather than Martha!). Thanks for the lovely pics!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. What time is dinner? I will bring the wine...

  7. Wow! Your table is gorgeous! Me and Big Daddy got married on Dec. 17th so I picked out a Christmas Pattern instead of formal china. Went with Pfaltzgraff's Winterberry and I'm glad I did! You MUST promise me that you'll stop in Hobby Lobby next time you're on the way to Orange Country! You'll soooo be glad you did.

  8. Your Christmas table is just lovely!

  9. You know, I think Ned needs a Zhu Zhu pet hamster. They are hard to find right now but it would give him the chance to have a pet without the mess. They are the coolest things. Check out my post about them when you get a chance. It would be very entertaining for him and Scott. Just a thought I had when I was wrapping ours for the little one.


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