Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cold Weather versus Blog Love

It's 27 COLD degrees here this morning and my poor old freezing cold bones don't want to move around in the cold cold house. Is it cold, you might ask? Yes, it is cold, Cold, COLD!

I honestly don't know how you, my blog friends who live in places where it is routinely this cold (or colder) for a long time do it. Southern Belle blessings on you ALL!

I'm going to have to get up out of this chair eventually and get going on that upstairs closet room. There are at least four people poised and ready to shamelessly mock me on Monday morning if I don't get it done.

For now, though, I'm going to lounge awhile with my coffee and read blogs. I got all caught up over the holidays, which included adding new blogs to my reader but NEVER taking any away. I might not comment as often as I should, but goodness knows, I LOVE everybody!!!!

Do you love me??? If you say "yes" it's good for another pre-entry in the upcoming giveaway. Here's a little of the prizes (and there will be several) is a $25 gift card to a place that almost all of us shop!!!!


  1. I'm with you about people who live in the really cold climates. It is 14* here in GA this morning. I have hot chocolate and apple cider calling my name from the kitchen this morning! Take care and don't work too hard and YES, I love ya'.

  2. Hey Belle! I am sooo doing the Doublewide Dance here for you to get things cleaned/purged/organized/donated etc. today! Today is our Saturday off, since we've chosen to do every other Saturday! I still may just tackle Robbie's room though as he is with his Nanny (Big Daddy's Mama) today! It will depend on how cooperative Mammaw is when I go to clean her house and give her a bath! Lord help us!
    Can't wait til Monday to hear your progress! Thanks for givin' props to Big Daddy and his Big Idea on your Friday's blog!
    And...of KNOW I adore you! Can't go through a day without checking on y'all!
    Have a wonderful weekend my Southern Sister!

  3. I think today is a good day to stay home and snuggle under a blanket with a good book! Can you believe this weather? Though I think we are going to warm up by the end of the week!
    Of course you are loved! :)

  4. Oh I see all the pictures of the really cold and snowy weather all over the country and feel ashamed that here in the desert we say it's cold in the 40's. But for us it is cold. Hope you stay warm. Love ya. Hugs, Marty

  5. I'm with you on the weather - this is nuts. It was 16 degrees when I got up this morning, I honestly don't know how people manage in climates that are routinely this cold. I just want to hibernate! And of course I love you dear girl! I would never, ever mock you for not getting the room done. I might gently ask if it was done, but never mock! Kathy

  6. It is not suppose to be this cold in the south!!!! Am I right? Stay in that chair with your coffee for as long as possible; I, too, am sitting on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, with snuggly socks on my feet, blogging and catching up on blogs. You're little blog is still one of my "yes" I love it. Stay warm!

  7. Love that you are keeping's colder in TX than it is in New York!!! Enjoy your day!
    why not turn on some music and get the groove going to get some organization going?????? Moving will keep you warm! Love ya!


  8. I love the cold, but this weather in NC lately has been a bit much for me!

    And yes, I do love you/your blog!

  9. I HATE cold weather - I moan about it enough on my blog, you should hear me in real life - UGH!! That big snow we were supposed to get yesterday, the one that I had my day all planned around? Didn't happen - yeah, had to drag into work! And, for some ungodly reason, I've got to go out today! I'm a glutton I tell ya!!

    Can I be a mocker on Monday? Can't wait to hear ALL about it! I just did my own post on organizing a day or so ago - I've still got paperwork from the closing to do something with -
    We can mock each other, 'kay?

    Stay Warm in the Land of Belle - the crazy that lives in "Lynetteville" is going out in it! ;-)

  10. Every year I am so thankful to live in the South. I don't know how I could ever deal with constant cold weather! The little bit we get here is enough!

  11. We are freezing in NC too! Lot's of love!

  12. Yes, I love reading your blog. I too hate the cold weather. We have to take our daughter back to college tomorrow and it is brutal in the mountains where she goes. I dread it!! With wind chills, temps below zero. BRRR!!! I have made and frozen lots of soup for her to take back with her. Love those comfort foods!! Hard to believe it is so cold where you are. We were there this summer and just about roasted!!!
    I guess your nest will be empty soon, if it is not already. I know you enjoyed having your children home for Christmas. Take care. Love & blessings from NC!

  13. i am not cut out for this cold, belle. not. at. all. i need a snuggie, a cup of strong coffee, and several good books.

    yes, love! sending lots of bloggy love... from the crescent city to the holy city! :)

  14. Of course I love you and I am cheering you on- no mocking here.
    It is 0 degrees here, we broke records.
    Anything under 70 is cold to me!

  15. Do I really have to tell you I love you? Don't you already know that? Sheesh.

    It is 20degrees here and I am dying. And my kids are killing me. We are used to being outside 99% of the day. Not for the past three days!!! Ughhh!!!

    I am cleaning my closet now. TWO BAGS for consignment and THREE for Goodwill. Feels good.

  16. Yes of course I do! I have to say that living in WI temp is relative. 20 degrees is cold, until you have had subzero temps with subzero windchills. Then 20 degrees with no wind chill feels like a heatwave! ;)

  17. Love your blog! I just stumbled upon it from another Southern Belle and I'm glad I have added you to my reader!

  18. You know the answer to that question from me! Yes, I love reading your blog! Freezing here, too. I think we are at 8 or 9 or who knows straight days below freezing! UNREAL for Tennessee winters! xoxo

  19. Greetings from cold New York! We are, I guess..., used to this nasty cold weather but we are counting the days to spring. I'll be back on Monday to see the results of your work this weekend. Love you and your blog.

  20. Love ya!

    I convinced my husband NOT to take us to Colorado this Christmas, because I was tired of being cold. We went to Florida, and guess what? It was unseasonably COLD. I'm in Texas and just cannot take these record cold temperatures!

    Good luck with purging!

  21. Always enjoy my stops glad I am having some blog reading time now....

    I have a fun giveaway on my blog...a $100 prize ..comments will be closed on Monday night, but today's entries get extra stop by and join in the fun.

  22. It was 13 degrees this morning in the Upstate...I managed to not step outside one single time!!

    And everyone always loves a Southern Belle!!

  23. I am one of the odd ones who loves this weather! I think I was meant to be a Penguin. Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year!

  24. It's freezing here too Belle! The temp was 10 degrees with a wind chill of -4 last night/this morning! For a girl from Georgia, that's COLD!! And, YES!! I do LOVE you! Just as any good Southern Belle would!! :)

  25. Honey, I am southern and just moved to northern Kentucky and it has snowed for a solid week. I am freezing too. My snuggie hasn't left my body for about a week now:) Stay warm.

  26. Of course we love you! You make my day when you post! :) It's supposed to approach 60 by the end of the week here in the lowcountry...can't wait! :)

  27. As if you had to ask!! :) of course! I have been in a snuggie, yes, a snuggie, all weekend!

  28. Not only am I tired of being cold 24 hours a day, I'm tired of coming home to a pitch dark home at 4:30 in the afternoon.

    The answer to the questions is an obvious YES!


  29. Cold weather is so infrequent where I live, I love it.
    I also love it because it forces me to stay home.

    So- I blog, read blogs, hop up and do something productive, etc.

    Enjoyed visiting,

  30. Well hello there my bloggy friend! I definitely love you!


    Oh, I would be cold too!!! I am not a good cold person. I become immobile!

    Hang in there. And stay safe on the icy roads!


  31. Love reading your blog! It's quite cold here in Georgia, too and we're not used to freezing temps every night. I'm using the hibernation time to catch up on books and blogs.
    Hope you stay warm!

  32. Yes, of course I love you!

    And this cold weather in SC has to stop! I'm sick to death of it- please, Spring, where are you?!

  33. It has been frigidly cold here too. Of course, it usually is cold here in Illinois at this time of year but not this cold. I am ready for it to warm up a little bit. I heard that some warmth is on its way. I hope so. Stay warm!

  34. Bell! Of course I love you. That's why I keep reading. And this Belle that transported to the Midwest is about to freeze to death.

  35. hello from Denver Colorado!
    I hate being cold..but the cold here is dry whereas the southern cold is wet and so much more brutal!
    but being cold anywhere is no fun..
    am so ready for least in the south, spring comes so much earlier while here we deal with snow until MAY!
    and yes.. I love ya!!
    love your blog!!
    warm hugs..laughing smiles..
    (still in jammies, sipping coffee, with sunshine streaming through the window..three felines sleeping in various positions in the room...)

  36. I love sitting in my jammies, reading blogs, and drinking my coffee. Everyone deserves a break!! Sometimes I'd just rather read them, then blog myself, lol.

  37. Of course we love you Miss Belle, always. Giveaway or no, we're FOB's. (Friends of Belle.)

    Sending you a smile,


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