Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting Organized...

Apparently, January is National Getting Organized Month, or something like that. Goodness knows, we in the Land of Belle need to participate. I'm sitting here in the den looking at discombobulated bookshelves and am petrified to take a good long gander into the rooms vacated by the children after their winter breaks. I'll NEVER get organized in what's left of January.

The other day, I read on Doublewide Dreamer, that Michelle's husband, Big Daddy, suggested that they organize one room each weekend. I think that Big Daddy is on to something. It makes the task at hand seem FAR less overwhelming.

Hank and I are "on" for either tonight or tomorrow morning to tackle our first room. We have four bedrooms, one of which we have more or less turned into a big closet. We have a reasonable sized closet, racks for our shoes, hooks for my many bags, a couple of spare chests of drawers, the ironing board, and (you guessed it) a bunch of JUNK! Anything and everything that the kids don't like or don't want finds its way into that room. The closet is stuffed, the drawers are stuffed, and there is STUFF everywhere. I'd take a picture for you but I'm entirely too embarrassed for you to see the mess.

I tell you all of this, NOT because I think you're truly interested, but because it will help me be more accountable. Somebody I know will read this and they will ask me on Monday morning if we followed through. If we don't, they will shamelessly MOCK me, much like I would them in a similar situation. YOU know who you are! I'm counting on your mockery skills.
Wish us luck!


  1. This is the only system that works for me - one room at a time. Otherwise, it's just too overwhelming. We have been trying to declutter and streamline for a while now. I do NOT want my 15 minutes of fame to be on "The Hoarders"! Good luck and I'll check with you on Monday! Kathy

  2. That picture is hilarious! Life feels like that sometimes doesn't it? The idea of one room at a time is a great idea. That is truly how I clean my house. Otherwise, I am so overwhelmed, I just never do it because the thought of being exhausted after a whole day of cleaning top to bottom is not an enjoyable one. Good luck on your adventure.
    Btw, I just popped over from Julie's at "Wife Mom Nurse" I like meeting new blogging friends. If you are interested, I would love for you to stop by and meet me too.
    It was nice meeting you,
    Christy Rose

  3. I have my list and I am ready for battle.
    Good luck, I will check in with you!
    When mine leaves to go back on Sun., I will tackle his too!
    When they are little, you have to get rid of old toys to make room for the new.
    They didn't get any new toys (except for electronic stuff)so why are their rooms so cluttered and messy?
    Why is mine?
    We just get busy and if I don't make an effort to put every single thing away every time I use it, it builds up and soon I am surrounded by shoes and dog toys and messes.

  4. Oooh I love a project weekend! I'd like to tackle a few rooms in the castle too. Maybe I can get the Hubby to "engage" too.
    The den is first on my list - tends to be the 'dumping' because it's on the main floor with doors that close so we get into the habit of the "dump and close" Ha.
    Good Luck and thanks for the idea!

  5. I have organization that I need to do also, but not motivated at the moment anyway! Good for you. I'll be your cheerleader!

  6. "Discombobulated!" I walk around saying that about myself all the time. Lord, I thought I made that word up in my mind. It's just how I feel when everything around me is crazy:)

  7. okay, I am looking forward to seeing if you accomplished your mission.

    (love that picture :)


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