Saturday, January 2, 2010

We had a good day at the farm yesterday with Lorelai and her friends, although while they stayed outside most of the time with the four-wheeling and the skeet shooting, I stayed inside by the fire. I'd upload some picture but am too lazy just now to go find the camera. I've got warmer weather on the brain.

I'm ready for springtime NOW. I used to like cold weather but as I get older, it just seems to annoy me. I don't really get the point of cold weather if we aren't going to have a single flake of snow. Why can't we go DIRECTLY from New Years Day to spring-like weather. Seriously...WHY!??

Being the fickle gal that I am...long about July, I'll be wishing for cold weather but that is then and this is now and right NOW, I'm looking for some chirping birds and warm breezes.

Photo above is of mother and me at Folly Beach, 1963. Talk about a lily white youngun. Mother had a real thing about NOT getting too much sun. I'm betting I was only outside long enough for the picture taking.

Legare, Lorelai and me at Edisto Beach, 1993

Legare is back in Chapel Hill after ringing in the New Year with friends in DC, and Lorelai is packing to head back to Clemson tomorrow. It's back to work for me bright and early in the morning, which explains the funk that I'm sure you can tell that I'm in this afternoon. I like my job and the people I work with...I just like staying at home in front of the fire, quilting, eating, and watching movies BETTER. Do NOT judge me!

Here's to warm breezes and sunny days ahead!

Lorelai chilling out in the pool, 1998

Ned and Lorelai fishing at the summer house, 2008


  1. Great photo of you as a little one with your Mom at the beach! You were a white little thing! I was always sporting a sunburn. Your Mom was wise before her time about that! Great summertime photos...I am wishing for warmer weather too.

  2. Your mom looks so cute in those cat eye glasses!! I love beach pictures from long ago...I was always brown as a berry, my mother loved us better outdoors than in (on her clean floor I am sure).

    And I am with you on staying under a quilt until spring!!


  3. Now this is a post after my own heart! I feel exactly the same about cold weather. Actually I'd like to have cold and snow on Christmas, the rest of the year it can be hot! I wish my mom had been careful about going out in the sun, I spent most of my youth as a big freckled blister! And I so understand about not wanting to go back to work. Love my job, love my coworkers, but I like being a hausfrau much, much more. Hope you have a great first week back. Kathy

  4. I saw your post on hasn't changed and my family have had some great memories on Edisto. Have a great new year and thanks for sharing. When I was growing up in the '80s we had a bumper sticker that said: "Edisto Beach-Now That's Heaven!"

    Cal Griffin

  5. Your post makes me happy. It makes me realize warm temps are ahead! What is with this weather? I am FREEZING....

  6. Ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto on the weather. Period! xoxo

  7. yay pictures from memory lane!

    the one of you at folly is priceless and precious. you look like my mom in that pic (though she would be a bit older than your era of course) - she also is a red head and had short hair like that (i am still hoping to have a red headed child b/c of how cute she is now/was then). just darling!!

    i would LOVE some warm weather about now. new orleans is frosting and freezing left and right. grrr and brrr.

  8. Love the pictures. It's freezing here and it made me think of warmer weather!

    I hope your first day back was pretty painless. Mine wasn't too bad, we had staff development today and the kids return tomorrow.

  9. Oh, you're making me yearn for warm weather too (especially as I listen to the water drip in my kitchen sink). We have a well -- and with the freezing temps tonight, I must leave the water dripping so our pipes won't freeze. Brrrr!

    Summer breezes, we miss you!

    Love your photos. What a beautiful family. Your childhood shot is precious.


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