Monday, February 15, 2010

Exciting Morning

I'm SO all ready to leave to meet Steph from Living Life in the Lowcountry for lunch. She's the first blog friend that I've met in person. Maybe this will be the start of organizing like-minded Charleston area bloggers for get-togethers every now and then.

Like-minded Charleston area bloggers....what do YOU think about that?


  1. I'm from the Savannah area, but I think a meetup would be AMAZING!

  2. I hope you're enjoying a fablous lunch with your bloggy friend.

    Your relaxing getaway sounds wonderful!


  3. Great idea! Wish I were closer to y'all! Hope you had a great lunch!

  4. I still hope to meet when you are in Chapel Hill sometime. That would be fun! I met my first blog friend in the fall and it was so awesome! I hope to meet some more sweet friends this year too. Love & blessings from NC!

  5. Have fun!! There might be several of us who would travel to Charleston!! xoxo

  6. How fun!! "Meet & Greets" are always a ball - you'd think they might be stiff and awkward at first - but then you start gabbing and before you know it - it's like you've always known them!

    We do have together ourselves - have a NC/SC M&G!

    Have lots of fun and of course, take lots of pics!

    Your mini-vaca sounded incredible!

    OH - come check out my new blog makeover!

  7. Have fun at your luncheon! I would love to meet some fellow bloggers. I've met one (Nancy at My Crafty Little Page) when we discovered we live right down the road from each other. I think a Texas get together might be difficult due to the mileage involved, but it sure would be fun. Kathy

  8. Have a wonderful time! I've met two blogging friends in real life and now consider them dear dear friends. We meet up everytime I'm in Phoenix.

    I can't wait to hear all about it and hopefully see pictures!

  9. We (the Consort & I) have met a few blogging friends in real life and it has been wonderful, simply delightful. I'm guessing that's how this afternoon's lunch with Life in the Lowcountry is going. :)

    Sending you a smile for the week ahead,

  10. I've met quite a few blog friends in real life and it's always always special. I understand that "blind date" feeling since I've felt it too, but I can truthfully say that every single blog friend I have met has been exactly what I expected them to be. I sure hope I get to meet YOU one day...that would be fun!


  11. I'm happy to hear you had a great lunch. I live in the Charleston area and have been reading blogs for about 2 years and just started my own. I still need to make it pretty. I only found your blog a month ago. But I recognize the Sanctuary from your previous post.

    I read a lot of blogs on twins and toddlers but enjoy both of your blogs as well. :-)


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