Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Raise Your Hand If....

Humor me please...raise your hand (in the form of a comment) if you believe that THIS southern belle will do whatever it takes (within the
boundaries of integrity, solid values, good taste, and so forth) to get her way!

This afternoon around 4:15, I launched Operation SURELY You Jest!!, known in my inner circle (that would be those of you who comment) as Operation Don't MAKE Me Call Out the Flying Monkeys!!

For PITY know Scarlett would have if she COULD have!!!!!

My cause is virtuous, but I'm going to need to be stealth about it for awhile so I can't give you any details.

Rest assured that Hank and the kids are safe, as are my friends and neighbors. WAIT, OK...yes, friends and neighbors are safe.

Don't forget about leaving that comment!


  1. You must be doing something at work. I hope you get your way. LOL!
    I will be praying that things go well for you. God will know what I am praying for. Hope your week goes well. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. You sassy southern belle. I am so confused and intrigued all at the same time. ;)

  3. Hmmm, whatever could it be?
    Having just met in real life, I have NO doubt you will get your way! ;)

  4. Now I am just curious! Good luck with your scheme! Whatever it may be...

  5. I like to get my way. You should too!

  6. Oh yes ma' hand is raised 'cause I know us southern gals will ALWAYS find a way to get our way. Even if it means releasing the flying monkeys. LOL

    But....girlfriend...tell us more. You have me so curious.


  7. Oh, the imagination runs wild. Can't wait to hear what your cause is. Stealth is good, but only if it leads to a really big reveal! Good luck! Kathy (btw, I've absconded with your flying monkeys comment and have used it quite effectively at work. Much better than "don't make me stop this car" in the office)

  8. Do you see my hand up?? It is, I promise! So excited!! xoxo

  9. Hand up, hand up! Keep those flying monkeys behind their bars. Whooo, good thing I found a few minutes to rest and do some reading! ;)

  10. Did you know that I 'lost' you on Dec. 31? Took until yesterday to figure out how to get you back. The bookmark that I had been using since I first discovered you was 'stuck' and I finally found a button at the end of the comments that would load the next days entry. I kept doing that until...well, here I am.

  11. There is no doubt in my mind you will get your way or another!!

  12. Doesn't a Southern Lady ALWAYS get her way?
    I think I was from the South in my previous life. Ha

    Good Luck!

  13. I am a new follower and yes I believe that you will and should do whatever it takes to get whatever you need done because I am sure it is truly for the good of mankind!

    Best Wishes!

  14. My hand is raised and so is my curiosity! :)

  15. I always know how to get my way... Mike doesn't call me "Princess" for nothing! I am raising my hand for you!


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