Friday, February 5, 2010

Patience!!! Please?????

Carolina Girl from Lowcountry Fayes and Lisa from Pickles and Cheese. PLEASE bear with me. I have your prizes all bubble wrapped (that was last weekend's task) but have gone all week without boxing them up and sending them along. I've been putting in a few extra hours at work.

They will go in the mail on Monday morning WITHOUT fail.

Please tell me that you aren't completely irritated?


  1. Not at all! Don't worry about and please take your time! I just happy to have won something! Enjoy the weekend!

  2. I got my Starbucks card in the mail the other day. Thanks so much!!! I will love using it. You are so sweet to remember us blog friends with such a great giveaway! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. My cute Lilly shifts are actually hanging on little hooks on my bathroom vanity... How perfectly cute!

    Also, the lace handkerchief they were wrapped in is just lovely and as much of a treat as the giveaways themselves.

    Thank you so much! I think I got the prize...

  4. I actually may do a post about our generation and how different our mothers were from what we are. I'll be linking to you in it! Will let you know when and if I do!! xoxo

  5. Hi sweet friend! My Starbucks card arrived...when? not sure, but recently. I've been "out of it" after the worst food poison attack you can even imagine. Anyhoo, I'm finally better and able to function again. Thank you so much for a great giveaway. I'll be thinking of you on Sunday when we stop on our way to church or my sugar free decaf vanilla latte!


  6. Just wanted you to know my book arrived. I am anxious to get started on it. Thanks again for such a great give-away...and my first!!
    I'll be back to visit. Come visit me sometimes at my blog.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. I'm not irritated at all!
    Boo and I are in SC now enjoying PawPaw and BeBe's company. So, we'll have something fun to look forward to when we get back.
    Thanks to you for even hosting a giveaway!!


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