Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Suggestion for Starbucks

Friday morning I had an 8 AM meeting at one of our schools 20 miles from home. I built in enough travel time to stop at Starbucks for a tall bold. That's it...nothing fancy...I'm strictly a black coffee kind of girl in the mornings.

When I walked in at 7:40 there were nine people in line. Two people were preparing drinks, one person was asking customers what they wanted and writing it down on the cup, and one person was collecting money AND heating and bagging pastries. It seems like all nine people, or at least the ones I stayed long enough to hear place an order, wanted complicated drinks and a pastry, heated of course. I stood there for seven minutes and only three people paid and moved to the side. I couldn't wait. I didn't huff or puff...I didn't make a snide remark under my breath. I couldn't...I didn't have enough energy without my tall bold!!! I just walked out and got in the car.

It seems to me that during the morning rush, they could have some kind of express lane for people like me who just want a plain old cup of joe (and shouldn't have to wait forever to get it.)

I believe I'll send Starbucks an e-mail from the Land of Belle. I'll let you know if they respond!


  1. I've thought this for years. Some of us just want it "leaded and strong" and that's it! I really hate to wait for someone to get their 1/2 caf, soy milk, no froth, blah blah blah. Don't they know that I'm dangerous without my caffeine? I like a well made mocha or latte at times, but not first thing in the morning. Kathy

  2. I think you should!! I am the plain black coffee drinker myself (once in awhile I get a latte) and I have definitely been through this before. In fact, today I was ordering a latte and the girl asked me if I wanted caramel, chocolate or raspberry syrup... as I shook my head no at each suggestion, she looked a little bewildered, like, "what is wrong with you, you don't want one of our scrumptious ten minutes to make drinks??" So..I totally agree that there should be a line for the plain and simple folks that just want to get in and get out.

    Fire off that email and sign my name under yours!


  3. I agree. That is such a blatant example of poor business practices. Also an example of what happens when a business knows they're the only show in town. I like Dunkin' Donuts coffee for just that plain and simple order. Starbucks could even have a self-serve line for tall bold and the like. You see things like that really annoy me in the early a.m. Little patience that time of day ;-) xoox

  4. The Starbucks in Treasure Island, Las Vegas, NV has an express line for just plain coffee. Would be nice if more Starbucks had an express line!

  5. I'm with you..
    I prefer my coffee just like me..
    hot, blonde and sweet..
    (prefer the vainlla stuff and real sugar..) are so CORRECT!..
    an express line, especially for early morning traffic is in definitely in order..
    a plain black cup of coffee may not generate the revenue as does the fancy/schmancy stuff..
    but purely on a business aspect..
    what is the cost of those slow employees who are letting customers walk out the door..
    and WHERE is the owner/manager?
    write the letter..
    add my name also
    Loui♥ in Denver,CO

  6. You are too funny! Right on the mark, and too funny!

  7. I think that's a great idea. Even if it's like set up so you get a cup and go fill it yourself. Hope you got your coffee fix nevertheless!

  8. I'm with you. It would sure be worth it to send them an email. Love & blessings from NC!

  9. You can sign my name on that email as well. Also, could you mention to them that I really appreciate it when the drive-through lady is so friendly and welcoming and wants to tell me her name, but when I'm in the drive-through in the driving rain, make it snappy. I don't need to sit with the window down, getting poured on and waste all that time to hear her intro just to tell her I want a tall Pike Place Roast. Thanks!

  10. That would be a great idea. I don't normally go to Starbucks. (I know, I know) But during Christmas they have a coffee that I love and I would go thru the drive thru and they would always be out of it. WHAT? You can't order enough coffee during Christmas when you are advertising it? UGH!

  11. I just found your blog and it's so good to meet a fellow southern blogger. I agree on the whole Starbucks thing although I do order complicated drinks. I almost went nuts one day because they were only filling drinks 3/4 of the way full. They answer me sometimes.

  12. I rarely go to Starbucks for just that reason. Unless I'm meeting a friend.

  13. That is a great idea! You go girl!

  14. Bless your heart! Don't those people know that coffee in a hurry is a must, especially that early in the morning? Geesh, they are in the coffee business, afterall!!

    Speaking of Starbucks...I thought of you on Sunday when we stopped for ours on the way to church...thanks to YOU.


  15. brilliant! I hope they respond.

  16. and if that's not bad enough, try the drive-up where they "suggest" half the menu without taking a breathe. and I really don't care who your team is today. All I want is my grande americano with cream please... Just say good morning what can I get you... I have a job to get to :-}

  17. Starbuck's should definitely listen to their customers...just like the CEO in the commercial for Dominoe's Pizza {I believe}. "We listen and we are making changes...."

  18. Catching up on all my blog reading . . . they actually have an express lane at one of the Starbucks in Boston: it's for simple coffee/tea orders only and pastries. It's on the ground-level of a really busy office building, so they must only have it in ones that are super busy?


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