Friday, February 12, 2010

Hank, the Weatherman...

My husband gets very excited over weather...especially snow. I'm more zen about it...snow, that is. I get pretty fidgety about hurricanes though.

When it started to snow this afternoon, he called the children, who have already seen a fair amount of snow this winter at their respective schools. Neither was terribly enthusiastic. Then he asked me, "Who can I call to talk about the snow since you aren't excited about it?" I suggested he call Ned...or mother...she likes to talk about anything.

He called Mike over at the farm. Mike will talk about anything too. Hank walked out into the snow, talking about how the deck was covered and the forecast had changed. I started to wonder how he was going to cope when it got too dark to see what was happening.

Then he called Ned...Ned was not particularly excited either. Then he called mother....she wasn't there.

Then he checked the weather forecast....AGAIN! He never sat down. He walked from the fireplace to the back door to the telephone to the fireplace to the television to the front door to the telephone to the back door WITH the telephone to the fireplace. After that, I quit paying attention.

When I got up to check on supper he stopped me as I walked past the back door..."Stop...look...LOOK!"

I guess I'll get up in the morning and go out to play in the snow. I'll need to get my South Carolina Lowcountry snow gear out before I go to bed...let's see...sweatshirt, jeans, raincoat, tennis shoes, and the plastic grocery bags to go over my shoes.



  1. Awww! Hank sounds worse than me. I have had my nose pressed to the window since they mentioned snow in the forecast!! I love it! Hope you guys are having a good night!

  2. Funny. Old men (not saying he's there yet, cuz he's not), but when men retire, it seems like they watch the weather channel for fun. He should call my dad or uncle. They'll be happy to discuss it. It's one of them 'men things.' We're getting it too. Took my daughter to basketball at 6 p.m. & had to take a detour home b/c there were 3 wrecks on the 1 road I usually take. I couldn't believe it got bad so quickly. I was actually afraid I'd be stuck roadside with the baby. The weathermen, here, didn't prepare us for this one until last night, and they've done nothing to the secondary roads. Some Valentine's weekend, huh?

  3. Well next time you'll have to have Hank call me! I was anxiously sitting in my chair by the window just waiting for the snow to start and when it did you would have thought I was about 10 years old!
    Husband is not so excited.. I kept going to the window and saying "oh my gosh, it's really coming down now, come look!"
    I must have taken about 30 photos in the first hour of the back deck!
    See ya Monday! Maybe I'll show you all the photos I took! ;)

  4. I do NOT get excited about snow. Except maybe on Christmas Eve. But I want it gone the day after Christmas lol. I don't do snow, I don't do cold and sorry if I sound like a whiny brat but I moved to Texas to avoid this stuff! I spent 8 years in exile in Indiana and I've done my snow duty thank you very much. Hope those garbage bags hold up. Sounds like you are about as prepared for winter weather as I am! Glad to hear that the new job is exciting, sounds like things are going well and I wish you the best of luck. Kathy

  5. Hilarious Post! Yes, you will be building a preppy, southern gentleman snowman tomorrow. Get out your plaid wool scarf for the creation. He will also need a polo cap + sunglasses with croakies. Wait, no scarf - a bow tie instead!!

  6. He's like a little kid! At least he is not obsessed with the fireplace like mine. You should go play in the snow and help him get it out of his system. Then make some hot chocolate for him and put him down for a nap, all that snow-playing will make him tired!

  7. The snow is getting old for me here in NC. We got another couple of inches overnight and I woke up to find it on the ground this morning. The dog likes it though!
    I also want to say that my Giveaway prize came a couple of days of ago and I wanted to again say thanks! I am going to give it to my daughter who goes to school at UNC in Chapel Hill for her first apartment . She moves in in June. Stay warm!

  8. Sounds like you are about as prepared for winter weather as I am! Glad to hear that the new job is exciting, sounds like things are going well and I wish you the best of luck.
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  9. You just tickle me to death. Growing up we had a neighbor lady across the street who was just like your Hank! I can see her now. Thank you for making me giggle early this Sat. a.m.

  10. I'll have to admit to get pretty excited about snow also, however, we have had at least a couple of BIG SNOWS and now am tired of the whole thing....snow, snow go away!!!. I'll have to say I live in central typically we don't get much snow.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. ..."South Carolina low country snow gear!" That is so funny and so are you and Hank! It's pretty cold here in South Florida this weekend.

  12. I get rexcited about snow since I grew up in it. Seeing it in the costal region is rare and fun. They cancelled the marathon today--do you believe it? The snow lasted only a couple of hours--someone somewhere goofed up.

  13. Oh my! Hank should have called me! I was just as excited - and my cute sons were at Kanuga (Hendersonville, NC) with my parents for their parish weekend, so we couldn't watch them get excited. Even so, hubby and I have enjoyed it!

  14. Yup, we got a ton here in Decatur.
    Ah, so pretty!


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