Monday, July 14, 2008

Exercise...Another Addition to our Top 10

Back in January I made a commitment to lose some weight. By mid-May I had dropped nearly 30 pounds and was right proud of myself. As graduations and all of the summer whirlwind approached, I decided to stop worrying so much about losing and just concentrate on maintaining until all of my summer travel was done. I did OK...picked up a couple of pounds but all in all feel really great about everything....everything EXCEPT for the fact that I've never gotten the exercise piece under control. By under control, I mean that I never actually got started with the exercise piece....AT ALL!

Let me be clear...I don't like to get hot...I hate the sun...I hate to glisten or glow (southern belles never perspire or sweat). I HATE EXERCISE....hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it hate it, HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A nice new gym recently opened in our little town and my daughter Lorelai immediately sashayed her fit and toned little self down there and joined for the summer. I was GOING to join earlier but things kept coming up. Last week I started setting myself up for success. I told everybody I work with to ask me on Tuesday morning, July 15 (that would be tomorrow) whether or not I joined the gym and to make me show them proof (heck yeah, I'd stretch the truth). They all had to promise that if I could NOT show them proof that they would mock me, scorn me, be unmerciful in their harassment of me and tell everybody they know what a lazy pitiful and unmotivated person I am (lazy, pitiful and unmotivated are NOT southern belle traits). I DID IT....Not only did I join for six months but I purchased 10 sessions with a personal trainer. I'm going to do this....I am I am I am I am I am I am I am I am I am I AM!!!!!

I meet with the trainer tomorrow afternoon at 4:30...WISH ME LUCK!

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  1. Good for you for joining the gym. Now you can get even more toned up with the weight loss as well.

  2. Thanks...I sure hope so. Met the trainer yesterday and he most assuredly will hold me accountable until I have the willpower to hold MYSELF accountable!

  3. Cute blog... Enjoy getting you daughter ready for Clemson. I have not read the book, The Water is Wide. I will order it from Amazon tonight. I teach 2nd grade and it about THAT TIME!!!
    Also, how do you do the linky thing inside a post?????


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