Saturday, July 12, 2008

List of NOT Southern Belles--UPDATED's what I have from my blog thus far. Please...throw a few comments my way with your top five or ten...I think it will be OK if we add some famous people to our lists. I'll give it a week or so then I'll compile the list to see who gets the most votes. Remember, southern belleness transcends's a state of mind, a way of life, a philosophy...

RPH Mommy gets the new number one spot for suggesting the following and I think it is a stroke of brilliance...

1. Ms. Shows Her Hoo Ha When Getting Out of the Car (that would be Spears or Lohan for sure)

2. Ms. I Have Affairs with Married Men (Barbara Walters and Paula Deen also had affairs with married men according to recent books they have written...Paula particularly broke my heart)

3. Ms. I Have No Dignity or Self Respect

4. She Who Shall Not Be Named (and Amy Winehouse....ick)

5. The mother of BOY, who showed up drunk for Lorelai's belle would raise a son like that (if you missed that post check it out in my May archive "Talk About a Steel Magnolia"). If she is indeed a belle, I'll apologize after she has a word of prayer with her son.

6. The woman who reeked from a combination of too much cologne, body wash, body splash, powder, more cologne, shampoo, etc...



  1. Ms. Shows Her Hoo Hah when getting out of the car (Maybe LiLO or Britney?)

  2. I LOVE IT!! Keep 'em coming...

  3. That Lohan girl - HA!

    Nice to see you today - thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you soon - Kellan

  4. Welcome to the SITStahood! We're Southern belles through and through.

  5. Miss 5 different hair colors, multiple tatoos and nose, eyebrow & lip piercings. -Definitely not a Southern Belle!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. I hope to see you again.


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