Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Opryland...Rude Airplane People...Cinnabons

Here I sit all by myself in my room at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville on my 25th anniversary. Yee Haw. This place is HUGE! It has something of a wholesome folksy sort of's the anti-Caesar's Palace.
The plane ride was blissfully uneventful save the rude people who seemed to be out to rule the world today. To top it off, I got to the airport and realized that I didn't have my "flying pills." I require a little something to take the edge off when I fly. It's not that I'm afraid so much as the fact that I have serious control issues. They become more manageable when I have my flying pills and I'm better able to excuse the rude people when I have my flying pills. I had to resort to eating a Cinnabon while I waited for my connecting flight in Charlotte. Desperate times call for desperate measures.
Time to call it a day. Tomorrow my colleagues and I present our programs here at the national conference of the Southern Regional Education Board. There are several thousand people here. I hope we have decent participation in our session. The flying pills also sometimes serve as my "giving a big presentation pills." YIKES...there's no Cinnabon store in the Opryland Hotel.

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