Friday, July 25, 2008

Milestones...It Went By Too Fast

I can hardly believe that Lorelai will be 18 years old tomorrow. I can hardly believe that we will leave next Friday to move 22 year old Legare into his first apartment as he begins the next part of his life's journey in law school at the University of North Carolina. Two short weeks later, we'll be moving Lor into her dorm room at Clemson. I can hardly believe any of it. Hank and I find ourselves experiencing a strange combination of's bittersweet.

We are SO proud of our children and love them so so much...everything we've done since the moment we knew we were having each of them has been with the express purpose of preparing them for these very moments. I'm pretty sure they are ready. I'm not at all sure that I am ready. This is the real deal for Legare who is moving out lock, stock and barrel...we're talking rent, furniture, changing driver's license and car tags and voter registration and everything to a different STATE!
(OK BELLE, get hold of yourself...he's not moving to the end of the earth...he spent two months in DC a couple of years ago...he didn't get lost...he didn't starve...he didn't become a Republican! He spent three months in Europe last fall for pete's sake and did just fine...he didn't get lost...he didn't starve...Europe is LOTS further away than Chapel Hill...GET A GRIP!)

It will be fine...God is good and our children have blessed our lives so much more than we actually deserve. It's just that the day they're born, you can't begin to imagine that the day they'll move out on their own will EVER arrive. It went by too fast.
Enjoy a little walk down memory lane with me... No digital cameras back in the day...I need to get all of the baby pictures scanned!

My mother, brother Ned, and Legare, just home from the hospital in May 1986

Mother, Ned and Legare holding Lorelai when she was about six hours old in 1990

Look how young we are...with Legare


  1. What lovely pics. Thank you for sharing. I dread the day Miss B will grow her wings and fly the coop.

  2. I have a feeling I'm going to be saying the same thing all too soon. The pictures are so special.....

    I appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog when I was featured on SITS. I look forward to many more visits. Off to read more.

  3. Thanks so much, Kally and Angie.

  4. You have so much to be proud of. :) What great kids!


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