Saturday, July 19, 2008

Parades...Getting Lorelai Ready for Dorm Life

What a day yesterday was. While Hank spent the day helping the little old ladies, our friend Ann, Lorelai, and I drove to Beaufort to meet Lor's roommate and her mom for an afternoon of dorm room shopping and found ourselves smack dab in the middle of a parade. Southern Belles LOVE LOVE LOVE parades and we like very much remembering the good old days when we rode in parades wearing crowns. We also love Ann. She is a dear friend with two sons and no daughters to shop with, so she goes with us whenever she can to get in some girl time. Like most mothers and daughters, Lorelai and I have, in years gone by (OK...and yesterday morning before we left the house and after we got in the car and at Starbucks on the way and....), had some moments in stores all around the lowcountry and beyond when we didn't always agree on what she could or could not purchase. Ann also serves as mediator...both Lor and I behave better when Ann rides along.

Pink and green were the colors of the day. The girls were in complete agreement about wanting to have the cutest room in all of Clemson and I believe they're well on their way. We parted company at the end of the day with two fully loaded SUVs and we still have to get the futon and television. Tonight we ordered a TOO cute umbrella, towel wrap, and night light from Monogram Me. Everybody watch out....the girls with the CUTEST room in all of Clemson are on the way!!

We aren't entirely sure how we're going to fit everything in. Lofting the beds looks like the way to go...more storage space underneath.

New friends can bond VERY quickly over shopping for pink and green stuff!

Thank goodness Hank was at home to help us unload. The living room is going to have to be a dorm storage room until August 16!


  1. first, thanks for you comment on my blog. Second, I've enjoyed reading your blog and third, my daughter's room is currently pink and green.

    It seems we have something else in common besides liking strong coffee :)

  2. Thanks in return...I'm kind of new to blogging and appreciate the kind words and the inspiration I get from reading others such as yours. Aren't daughters wonderful? OH...we also have education in common. I was a middle school teachers for years until I moved over into "management"...I'll tell you, kids were a lot easier to deal with than adults!!!

  3. How fun!!! After reading things like your post, I am so thankful to have a daughter! You must have been in the middle of the Water Festival! How fun!

  4. It was indeed the Water Festival...Beaufort is my kind of town. I hope we'll live there when we retire!

  5. I can't believe we're at back to school time already!

  6. Miss B has already requested a pink & green or pink & brown room when we make our big move northwest. I hope we get to see pics of Lorelai's dorm room once she has it put together.

  7. Well, this looks like so much fun. I don't remember my college shopping to be anything like that. Will be waiting to see pictures of the dorm room in all its glory.


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