Friday, November 7, 2008

Answers to Questions...

AH...I love questions so here are a few answers to some I've received recently...

First...thanks for the complements on my new blog look. I can't take any credit for the creativity. It was all Shannon from EightCrazy Designs. She is fabulous to work with and SO very patient!

Several folks noticed the cello in my living room. It belongs to Legare. He started playing in 4th grade and stuck with it through 9th grade. We drove to Charleston for many moons for private lessons and the last year he played, he was in the Charleston Youth Orchestra and was first chair in the All-State Orchestra. In his 10th grade year he discovered all kinds of other things that were much more exciting to him than cello and he put it aside. Nevertheless, it was money and time well spent. He'll pick it back up one day, I have no doubt.

Who did Belle vote for? Understand that this is NOT a challenge nor a criticism to anybodies politics, it's an answer to a question. Fellow Bloggers...I absolutely respect your political views.

Let me give you my history. Other than the first election I voted in as a mere babe, my policy is to study the issues VERY carefully, almost to an obsessive point. I read all the commentary I can, both about those I'm leaning toward and those who are opposed. This year, I called myself a Democrat but I'm truly an INDEPENDENT! Here is my voting history from the very first Presidential race I was eligible to vote in. Carter, Reagan, Bush, Perot, Clinton, GWBush, Kerry, Obama. (I bet the Perot thing is REALLY throwing you, isn't it?) That year, I couldn't bear to have either candidate on my conscience SO I decided to vote for Perot, figuring that he would never win. I had rationalized everything out so that if by some miracle he did win, then it would be God's will and I'd be off the hook for any responsibility. (I'm completely serious!)

Anyhow...I'm glad it's Friday. My week started with a bang dealing with those little old ladies and ended with a meetings, meetings, and more meetings. We're getting ready to eat shrimp and grits for supper and watch a movie. Y'all enjoy your weekends too. I'll be back tomorrow or Sunday to do another tag.


  1. I love the cello! it is a beautiful instrument!! I played clarinet, switched to percussion, and back to clarinet! always loved it!

  2. Our voting paths are the same but not the same length. :) I love your new look!

  3. Absolutely love the new look. It is so you.

    It is great you pay close attention to what the candidates are actually saying before making a decision. It always bothers me when people just vote for a certain political party without doing any research. Kudos.

  4. I LOVE your new design! It is so very Belle.

    Have a great weekend.

  5. yum, i love shirmp and grits :)
    the new design looks great, shannon did a great job although i bet you had some input :)

  6. Shannon did a wonderful job with your new blog look....very, very nice!


  7. Ha!! I love your reasoning!! I have to admit, this is one of the best blogs I've seen. Love it!

  8. Way to go on studying the issues before voting! I love that you take it seriously! I do the same thing, but I procrastinate and I was cramming Monday night!

  9. I LOVE the new look on your blog. Just perfect! Shrimp and grits sound divine. Alas, I married a northerner who doesn't appreciate the true wonder of grits and has passed it on to his boys. Grits are not served in my house. I miss them. :(

    Have a great day!

  10. I voted Perot too! That was my first election and I really thought he had a chance.

    Btw, your blog design is very pretty.


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