Sunday, November 2, 2008

We can all use A Little Loveliness in our lives...

A Little Loveliness with Melissa Lester is the new recipient of the Life of a Southern Belle Award. She hosted a fabulous luncheon last week for her daughter's preschoool class and their moms. Melissa's blog is full of beautiful photos and wonderful ideas and she is a most gracious hostess. I do believe she might be able to give some of those gals with their own television shows and magazines a run for their money.

Melissa has a wonderful husband and four adorable children. In addition to sharing her marvelous sense of style with others. she is a contributing editor to "Christian Woman" magazine and author of the book "Giving for All It's Worth." She also contributed a chapter to the recently-released book "Woman to Woman."

Go over and see Melissa and congratulate her on the award. You'll be impressed!!


  1. Thanks for the new blog read. She has some gorgeous ideas.

    Mine won't turn out like hers, but a girl can try.

  2. Wow, thank you so much for all those kind comments! I am so touched by all that you have said. You are too kind! Thank you!

  3. I will check her out! What fun!
    -sandy toes

  4. GO TIGERRRRSSSS! And yay for DABO! How exciting! Have a wonderful week!

  5. She sounds very interesting - I'll go over and say hello!

    Have a good weeek - Kellan

  6. Yea! More blogs to read! I'm going over there now!


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