Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Weekend Fun...Well, not all fun...

We enjoyed having Lorelai home last weekend for Fall Break. On Friday night, she had some Halloween fun dressed as an "80's Prom Queen with her hometown friends, and then cheered in the "old timer's game" at her alma mater on Friday night. (yeah, I know, she's only been at college for three months...the oldest of the old timers graduated in 2002!) Saturday brought a deer hunt with her daddy and a WIN for Clemson against Boston College.

Then came Sunday and a trip to our hometown to check in on the little old ladies. We took Dukes BBQ for lunch, which is the BEST in the world. Just like I won't get all political on everybody, I'm not going to disrespect BBQ tastes because around the south people are passionate about their regional favorites (but GO Dukes WHOO HOO).

All three of the little old ladies presented challenges. Our 85 year old Miss Peggy got in her car the other day (the car which she hasn't been supposed to drive since she suffered a stroke about three years ago) and drove herself and a friend to the drugstore. While she assured us that she only took the back streets, this news is of concern to us as she might lark out for Savannah if she takes a whim.

Miss Peggy is feeling real good about herself right now, which caused her to encourage MY mother to assert HERself by getting back behind the wheel of her Buick LeSabre. Mother hasn't driven in about a year now. and hasn't complained a single time since she tried to pull a fast one on us and got called out in a restaurant in town by a gentleman she knew who yelled across the room, "How did you get know you aren't supposed to be driving!" (Everybody loves to mind other people's business in a small town.)

Anyway, Miss Peggy's bold move set mother off into a tirade about what a wonderful driver SHE is (with Miss Peggy agreeing and egging her on all the while). To top it off, Hank's mom acted like she'd lost her last friend the entire time we were there. She should be ecstatic as out of the three of them at least SHE can still drive!! MERCY! On the bright side, I'm pretty sure that my mother was just "talking big" because Miss Peggy was there. Now Miss Peggy...she's a sly one, and we're going to have to keep an eye on her!


  1. Ahhh Miss Peggy! Sounds like she was working on some entertainment. hehe

    Looks like your daughter and her friends had a good time!

  2. i spy a cello! My whole family is (for the most part) a professional musician! Strings to be exact

  3. that outfit is too comical! love the 80's! :)

  4. Love the pictures! Lorelai looks so beautiful!

  5. Oh my goodness... you have your hands full with the little old ladies :)

  6. Oh for heaven's sake, this sounds like a challenging day! We love the story about Mom being busted in a restaurant!

    Fun post despite the angst we have about our folks hitting that point, which isn't that far down the road...

  7. Check out my blog. I have a giveaway and I tagged you :)

  8. Looks like y'all had a great time while she was home and my goodness, sounds like you have your hands full with the little ladies!

  9. My family is going through the same thing right now with my grandparent. My grandfather has suffered a couple of stroks and should no longer drive. He disagrees with the doctors. It is not a good situation. I understand what you guys are going through.\

    It looks like a really fun weekend for your daughter. Great costume. Very original.

  10. Love this post!
    Southern girls hunting with their daddies, just love it.

    And your mother and her friends sound like a hoot!


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