Saturday, November 15, 2008

Clemson Beats Duke...and it's a VERY small world

Good job by our Tigers today...but we were COLD. (Some of this will be meaningless if you aren't a Clemson fan so you might want to skip to the next paragraph.) I called Lorelai during the last few minutes of the game to see if she was still in the stadium and she said, Yes, and as soon as the game is over we're running onto the field and I'm going to FIND C.J. Spiller!! I wasn't entirely certain what she intended to DO with him when she found him, so we waited back at our tailgate for her to arrive. She comes prancing up in a very self-satisfied kind of way and we inquired as to C.J.'s status...She TOUCHED him (which he never knew because everybody wants to touch him) and then he almost tripped over her. Bless his heart...he must be a patient guy.

I was getting on the elevator at the hotel on Friday night and was joined by a very pleasant lady. She said, Oh my, I'm just exhausted...we drove up from Charleston and the weather was so terrible we didn't even stop. I replied that we had come up from Charleston also...actually from Happy Town. Turns out she lives just a mile or so down the road from us. THEN when we pull into our parking spot this morning at the game, I look over to see a girl, now a Clemson junior, who I taught piano lessons to when she was in elementary school before her family moved away. THEN, about an hour later, another girl walks up who was on the Mock Trial team with Legare when he was in high school. Her parents live just a couple of miles from us as well. Isn't it amazing what a small world it can be even when you're on a big university campus four hours from home on Homecoming game day?

We're 'bout worn out and glad to be home safe and sound. More later...


  1. It is definetly such a small world!!! It's so funny when you run into coincidences like that!!

    I am also a Clemson fan!! What the heck is a Gamecock anyway?

    Hope you had a great weekend!!

  2. do you want to know what weird?

    seeing people from your hometown 12 hours times square.


  3. I love it when that happens.

    I look forward to when our kids are in high school and college. We will be those parents who go to all the games.

    This week I have been connecting with people through Facebook. It has been so much fun. If you haven't joined yet you really should.

  4. Small world! I love when that happens.

  5. Thanks for the visit & the comment. I've read a bit of your your sense of humor! but then again, I'm a Presbyterian Democrat myself. ;o)

  6. Yes - it is a small world!

    Have a great week - Kellan

  7. Consider yourself signed up!

    I love your blog. I'm one of your followers now :)

  8. It is a small world..
    How cool for you!!

  9. Yes, it is a small world. I was shopping in a nearby store in Memphis the other day and the lady who waited on me started chatting about this and it turned out, her husband and I went to the same high school in Augusta. Small, small world! BTW, I LOVE your blog!

  10. I love bumping into random people at the Clemson games! That's always one of my favorite things about going. I spent some time at the Esso Club this weekend and ran into someone from high school that I haven't spoken to in probably 13 years!

  11. I am proud of Lorelai (love that name) of "touching CJ Spiller. He deserved to be touched by all the fans Saturday...touched, patted on the back, hugged around the neck. It was a great day to be at Death Valley. Don't get me wrong it was COLD, but exciting. If we put that Clemson team together with the Clemson team that took the field against BC we can do some chicken kickin' in 2 weeks.

    Hate missing that game, but I have friends coming into town. We will all be at our house in Edisto. I am taking the week off and doing some shopping in C'ton and reading. Can't wait.

    GO TIGERS!!!!!

  12. Small world and Go Tigers! I did not know that you taught piano. My mom is a piano teacher too, and also Pres. of the SCMTA. Small World :)


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