Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's Like Super Bowl Sunday

We love election days in our house. I'm just sad that Legare is four hours away and can't sit in front of the TV with us tonight to await the election results. In addition to the BIG ONE...we have several significant congressional and school board races in our community.

Today was also a big day for Lorelai...she voted for the very first time. I don't think she voted along the same lines as Hank, Legare and me (mainly because she's not telling who she voted for) but that is her prerogative.

My philosophy is that a person should vote for who he feels is the right person for the job using his best judgement based on a thorough understanding of the issues. And when the election is over, if his candidate won then he should be grateful and gracious in victory. If his candidate does not win, he can be disappointed but absolutely must be gracious in accepting the loss. That, quite frankly, is easier said than done, but it MUST be done. Bitterness accomplishes nothing.

Here is Lor, heading with Hank into the elementary school which serves as our polling place. She wouldn't let me take an up close shot because I rushed her and she didn't "have her face on." We waited in line for two and a half hours....saw all sorts of folks that we never get to see. It was like a little reunion and the time went by pretty quickly.

See you on the other side of election day!


  1. That is neat. My part time help here at the shop has never voted. It took months to talk her into registering. I sent her early from work to the polls! It is exciting thinking of all the young adults voting for the first time.
    Ok, I might be a little sappy today! hehe

  2. Wow! I don't know how many are registered in our precinct, but I went at 2:00 and only waited 6 minutes! While I was there, two first time voters came in and as they checked in it was announced and everyone clapped! It gave me chills!

  3. Found out while I was in line that our precinct has the largest amount of registered voters in our county. While I'm thankful since that would seem people are concerned and involved citizens, I was ready to be out of there after the first hour!!

  4. Congratulations to Lorelai!! So exciting to vote for the first time...especially in a presidential election.

  5. What a great day for Lorelai!

    I was worried I'd run into long lines, too, but I only had to wait about 10 minutes. Which was good, because the woman next to me was rather chatty and in 10 minutes I learned an awful lot about her shin splints and exercise routine, lol.

  6. It only took me 15 mins. My subdivision has it's own seperate machines at the nearby high school.

  7. What a great memory! I mean it really is so neat...

  8. I voted two weeks ago during the early voting period. Sow, I have two networks on cable, and hopefully will be awake when they project a winner.

    Then, somehow, I have to explain it all to my juniors and seniors tomorrow at school.

    Maybe I should take a nap now and wake up at three in the morning.

  9. I love it too!! So darn exciting!

  10. My middle son voted for the first time also (absentee ballot being he is away at college). My girlfirend was standing in line to vote with her daughter (1st time) and they met an older lady-in her 80's-that was also voting for the first time!!



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