Sunday, November 30, 2008

It was a cold, rainy, gloomy, BEAUTIFUL day... the Clemson Tigers ROARED past USC in Death Valley on Saturday afternoon.

USC 14

I'm thinking that the guy cock-a-doodle-dooing in the lobby of the Embassy Suites at all hours is feeling like "doodle dooey" this morning. (LOL LOL LOL, I crack myself up sometimes!)

Here's a photo of fans gathering with the team at The Paw when the game was over. Hank and I would have gone down there but every thread on us was damp and I was chilled to the bone. Lorelai was right out there in the thick of things. Since she "touched" CJ Spiller last game, she was out for Aaron Kelly this time and did indeed find him. I haven't seen the photo but she says that as far as height is concerned, he could rest his elbow on the top of her head!! Looks like we're bowl bound and that Dabo will be hanging around...That makes us happy!


  1. I couldn't be happier!! What a great game! Dabo is the BEST and I'm PRAYING that they give him the job. Have a great week!

  2. Don't you just love it when your team has a sweet victory?? I know I sure do!! Roll Tide!!

  3. Congrats!! Hope you get to keep Dabo! Looks like we {Vols} have Lane Kiffin - he's a cutie - sure hope he knows something about football :)

  4. I could not be happier. I felt like I ran each and every play. I had the "nervous tummy" the entire game....

    I have my fingers crossed that the rumor mill is correct that Dabo is given a contract. It gave me goose bumps to watch him jump into Brad Scott's arms after the last touchdown in the first half.

    It was a great game.....GO TIGERS!

  5. My dad went to Clemson, so I always pull for them. Go Tigers!!

  6. I am late posting on this... but this post seemed most appropriate to say...


    I am a '98 grad. Are you still in SC? You can email me that answer!

    Thanks for stopping by today! I truly appreciate it and your support! Yesterday was a big deal. :) You were right!!


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