Friday, November 28, 2008

Family...Flow charts...Filets....FOOTBALL

Hank and I took to the highway early Thanksgiving morning to check on the little old ladies and Ned. (Thank goodness the Starbucks on our route was open.) Miss Peggy was invited to eat with a cousin so we didn't see her. Mother and Ned were invited to join Hank's family at their yearly Thanksgiving reunion (usually about 75 people) but they declined so I took lunch for them, while Hank enjoyed a short visit with a whole bunch of people that he only gets to see once a year. We wrapped things up about 2:00 PM and headed back. (Thank goodness the Starbucks was STILL open.)

Legare and Lorelai elected to stay home...Legare has read, outlined and flow charted the whole time he's been home in preparation for his first ever law school exams. Lor's been battling tonsillitis for more than a week and she slept most of the day away. She just goes and goes like that little Energizer bunny, but unlike the bunny, things catch up with her eventually. We've got to get her all better for her first ever college exams.

Hank built a nice fire last night and we enjoyed a delicious non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner of grilled fillets, crab cakes, roasted rosemary red potatoes and asparagus, then watched Legare's favorite movie of all time, The Godfather, Part II. It was a happy cozy evening and I'm looking forward to more of those in two weeks when both kids are home for an extended vacation during the winter holidays. The tree is up, but not decorated...I've got to get busy with that on Sunday afternoon.

For my South Carolina friends out there....You KNOW what weekend this is!!! Our Clemson Tigers will meet the University of South Carolina Gamecocks on the field in Death Valley tomorrow at high noon. We're heading out later this afternoon for our football season home away from home, Embassy Suites in Greenville and I'll have an update ASAP after we get back home. I HOPE that it will be a HAPPY update. GO TIGERS!!!!


  1. Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving!

    Hope you packed a poncho. They are saying there is a very high chance of rain tomorrow! No matter, we will be there with our orange on being loud and proud!!

  2. Non traditional but really yummy sounding Thanksgiving feast. It is more about the company than the food anyway.

    Hope L feels better for her exams.

  3. Non-traditional sounds nice...less work and cleanup! And you aren't stuck with leftovers for weeks on end!

  4. You left the lowcountry and I left Columbia for the lowcountry. I left Columbia Monday afternoon for the house at Edisto. We have spent the week enjoying the peace and quiet.

    Have fun - scream loudly - say a prayer or five - and GO TIGERS!!!

  5. Three cheers for non-traditional Thanksgiving feast! I'm so sick of turkey, it's not funny.

  6. Your non-traditional meal sounds pretty darn yummy. I finished decorating my tree and now I'm working on getting a few gifts wrapped so the tree doesn't look so "naked" underneath. LOL


  7. okay - that non traditional meal sounds outstanding! I think I am tired of Thanksgiving food! :)

    Congrats on Clemson winning!


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