Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Throw the Milkshake

We were talking the other day about some of the meltdowns various family members (usually Lorelai or I) have had over the years and one particular incident jumped back into my mind.

When Legare became old enough to drive to school, he was responsible for picking Lorelai up in the afternoons. Because he loved nothing more than getting on her last nerve, he would occasionally go somewhere to get something to drink for himself ONLY, and then go get her.

One afternoon, she asked him for a sip of his milkshake so he gave her some. A minute or so later she demanded more and he said "NO" so she proceeded to grab the cup from him (do I need to remind you that he was driving at the time). He grabbed it back. SO...she grabbed for it one more time, poking a hole in the side so that milkshake began to leak out all over him. He shoved the cup toward her and told her to "hold it" and apparently overcome by insanity, she THREW the cup at him, milkshake and all.

I arrived on the scene about two minutes after they'd pulled into the driveway to see the driver's side car door open with milkshake (although I wasn't entirely certain what it was until I got out of my car) dripping down the window and door panel. Legare was holding a towel and Lorelai was practically hysterical because she KNEW she was going to be in BIG trouble.

Lorelai was grounded, Legare was forbidden to ever get another drink after school without getting her one, and they both got a good long "talkin to" about driver and passenger safety.

So, you moms with younger kids who think that things will one day calm down....THINK AGAIN. Things never calm down but know what? I wouldn't trade my husband and children (don't they look like angels?) and the milkshake throwing-type memories for anything in the world. It was not their finest hour to be sure... but heck, it made for a great blog post!!!


  1. I love the name Lorelai!

    That was a pretty good post.

    For me and my little sister, it was the my little ponies. Oh my goodness. We started bickering one day...I pushed her, and she punched the crap outta me. And she was only 6! Nose bleed and all. Let's just say she never did that again. And we both got our allowances that we had saved up taken away. It was a sad day! hehe

  2. ha- love it!!!

    when my sister was still in diapers she reached for a doll through the playpen bars. the doll wouldn't come through so she tugged gently at first and then finally (in true fried green tomatoes TAWANDA!! style) yanked the doll and the head fell off. hahahaha! needless to say i never messed with her even though she's 4years younger...


  3. You have noooo idea how much I relate to this one. My older two got into a fight once on the way to school and daughter scratched son with her long nails. He proceeded to tell all the teachers that he passed that she did it. (We had been at that small school for 12 years, they knew us well) This was all done while she was driving. PMS was his excuse to all and I think he's probably lucky he only came out of the car with a few scratches that would heal!!!

  4. my little brother gave me a black eye while we were play fighting over christmas break last year, at the time we wer 16 and 18.

  5. great looking kids! thanks for stopping by my page and adding me to your list of one's to follow. this post made me laugh! have a great rest of the week! ~Lara

  6. That girl of yours is a sneeky one. That was funny.

    Great story.

    Thanks for the pep talk too. It is great to know I have many more years of this to come.

  7. Ha! Same thing happened to my brothers and I. I think big brothers are born to torment little sisters... ha!

  8. Agreed that is a great blog post! It reminds me of the occassions we stopped by Arby's with my mom when we were in Elementary school to get chocolate shakes after school.
    Throwing was not involved but those are fun memories! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. That is hysterical and so something that would happen between me and my sister!!!!!

  10. who? those two? they look like such perfect angels that would get along oh-so-well! tee hee! funny story! thanks for visiting my blog from SITS yesterday!

  11. I love it!!
    I have 3 teengaed daugthters and sometimes I think my 7 and 4 year old acts older than they do..

  12. That is a great story! I got the greatest visual! LOL

    Growing up with 2 younger sisters and a younger brother, I have many stories. I can't count how many times we have stayed up way too late retelling these stories and laughing until our sides hurt.

  13. The trouble with milkshakes :)

    Funny the day that you post about a milkshake incident, I get doused with one.

  14. Great post...isn't it all the trouble they cause what make us just love them more. I see this behavior in my 7 and 2 year old already...I'm not fooled by what I'm in store for either...

    Love the post:)

  15. That is too funny! Love it. Those are two beautiful kids. I can't imagine what my boys will get into when they're older. At least I'm with them now. By themselves...in a car? I don't even want to think about it. ;)

    Have a great day!

  16. Oh no! You've confirmed my worst suspicions. I was just SURE that this was gonna be my best year ever. I have both my girls in school all day for the first time. And this has been the worst year of mom-worry yet! I used to always say that it would calm down soon. I've quit saying that. Sigh. (Kind of like my hubby quit calling me low maintenance after our first year of marriage. Hmmm.)

    Great blog. Oh yeah, and the little sister at our house (6) - she's to be feared!!!

  17. This was too funny! My mother is in town this weekend and she reminded me of a time my younger brother and I had a fight over cornbread muffins! Apparently they must have been VERY good!! LOL


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