Saturday, November 8, 2008

Most Embarrassing Moment

Just a Beach Kat put out a dare to post about our most embarrassing moment. Lordy, I've had SO many but this was the first one that I recalled...

Hank and I were just married and looking for a house. We met a great realtor who was so very patient. When THE house got scooped out from under us by $1,000, she rode around with us for hours looking at this and that. One afternoon we were riding in our preferred neighborhood and she pointed out a house that I thought was about the ugliest thing I'd ever seen. REALLY ugly...and I said so....again and again in great detail. We continued down the street and she said, "Oh, by the way...the really ugly house back there..that's where I live."

I was MORTIFIED, but she laughed, then called her husband and we all went out to dinner. We actually became friends until they moved away about a year later.

Here's the thing....IT WAS A REALLY UGLY HOUSE!!!!!


  1. Oh my!!!
    Foot in mouth time.
    That was nice that you were able to be friends anyway.

  2. oh my gosh that's hilarious, i laughed out loud! sounds like something i would have done!

  3. Wow that was embarrassing. She totally took it like a champ. Anyway she sounds like a great realtor. Wish we had had her when we moved here. Ours wasn't great. At all.

  4. HAHAHAHHAHHA! I cracking up right now. Thats hilarious. The reason that I am laughing so hard is because those kinds of things happen to me ALL THE TIME! Its just like why, why did I open my big mouth. haha

  5. oh my goodness! I would have been mortified too!! at least she had a good sense of humor!

  6. OMG - sounds just like something I would say ... and yes, embarrassing!! LOl


  7. Hahahahaha!!! Thank you for making my Sunday!!! Too funny!!!.

    Hope you had a great weekend! X.

    Love, Becca xxx.

  8. Oh.My.Word! Bless your heart! Talk about an embarrassing time! Thanks for the belly laugh and for taking the dare.


  9. That's a riot! Love the new design!

  10. Is that why they moved away? (Because their house was so ugly?)

  11. I just found your blog and am enjoying it very much.

    As someone who all too often inserts my foot into my mouth, I can appreciate the horror you must have felt commenting on the ugly house. :)

    Merry Christmas


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