Sunday, April 27, 2008

What Are They Thinking??'s been a month since I did the initial post on this blog. Time flies and apparently I don't have the constitution to be a full blown blogger. I've been thinking a lot about what to say and how to say it. Let's start with this. The names I used are not the real names of my children. I'm just not comfortable; however, throwing all of our names out there. For one thing, I don't want somebody I know to figure out who I am if I say something TRUE about them...not that many people I know (that I would say something not so flattering about) read blogs anyhow but if they did, they'd probably figure out who they were and who I am and....well...boy, howdy...I'd be in a pickle. So....I'm going to use names which have significance in our lives, even if they aren't ours.

My daughter (now what did I say her name is in that first posting...oh yeah, Lorelai...that's from our favorite mother-daughter TV show, Gilmore Girls) is getting ready to go to college and has established herself a page on Facebook. My son...oh yes...we're calling him Legare (my great uncle's name and a street South of Broad in Charleston)...has had one all of his college years and let me tell you, we read him the riot act on staying within the bounds of dignity and decorum as far as what he posted. Employers and graduate schools and scholarship committees are looking at those pages. As a true BELLE...I have my ways of monitoring these things and he's done pretty well. Lor (that's going to be short for Lorelai) is keeping her page under control as well BUT not all of her acquantances are and that makes me sad. What are they thinking?

I'm not dumb enough to think that I know everything about my children or that my children are perfect angels, but I pray everyday that they will be safe and happy and always understand and remember that a person's reputation and integrity are easily damaged and so hard to recover. My heart goes out to children who haven't had that guidance in their lives. My heart goes out to parents who have tried to provide such guidance but whose children won't cooperate. Daddy (that's my husband...I've called him that since the day Legare was born...I's's a southern could be worse...I could call him Big Daddy!) and I have discussed it and believe that Lor has her act together and won't be influenced by friends who may exercise poor judgement. The youth minister thinks enough of Lor to have asked her to be his apprentice this summer to work with the younger girls who need a positive role model (heck yeah, Daddy and I are proud of her) (OK that DOES look weird when I type it....we're going to call Daddy HANK).

We're trying hard to raise Lorelai to be a southern belle in every good and positive way....a steel magnolia. We've 'bout got Legare raised, but we tried our best to make sure that he embodies all of the attributes of a true southern gentleman. That's what WE are thinking!!!