Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Big Green Egg

We went out for non-perishable tailgate supplies yesterday afternoon and came back home with a Big Green Egg.  So...anybody have a Big Green Egg?  Any advice?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Week the Kids Came Back...Football Season

Lawsamercy! The students arrived back at school bright and early last Monday morning. I spent 54 hours in the building proper, then another nine or so working early and/or late at home. My feet tell me that 90% of those hours were spent walking around. I need to get on the scale and see if I've lost any weight!

All in all, it was a very VERY good week. Normal glitches but nothing catastrophic. A few parent conferences already. Rules are rules and Mrs. Southern does NOT play!

Saving a magnet high school, we do not have an athletic program.While my colleagues were sweating it out on football fields last night, I got to be at home with my feet propped up. Nice!

Today, Hank and I are inventorying our tailgate supplies and are about to head of to pick up our season's supply of non-perishable items. Aw, who am I way we'll make it through the season. Maybe through September.

The first Clemson game of the season is on the road at Auburn. Ned will be here with us for Labor Day weekend and we'll tailgate in the backyard (or kitchen, depending on the humidity), hunker down in front of the TV and hope for the best. My man Sammy Watkins is suspended for two games. He made a BAD bad decision back in the spring. He is being punished and we shall not ever speak of it again.

As we start to get into the spirit of the season, a few photos from seasons gone by... (Edit...tried anyhow...blogger is not being cooperative w/ picture uploads just now!)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

One Season Ends and Another Begins

Yes...I know that summer doesn't not officially end for a few weeks; however, in the Land of Belle summer ends when school starts. Principalship 3.0  (and Fall) began for me last Monday morning when our teacher arrived back at work ready to go for the new school year. We had a great week. Several new staff members are bringing fresh perspectives and our Parent Open House and New Student Orientation were both successful beyond my dreams.

I'm going own up to being a little weary today. While summers in a school building are busy, it's mostly planning and paperwork with a few meetings thrown in here and there. The minute the teachers return that changes and when the kids arrive...LAWD...we rock and roll all day long.

Crazy me...I'm tired...but I love every minute of it. Even the challenging minutes.To help parents and children make good decisions about the future and to facilitate smooth transitions for them from one level in life to another....well, the pay ain't much but the rewards are great!

Recapping the summer...

1.  Hank retired and is settling in nicely at about the seven week mark. I have new beadboard ceilings in the sunroom, kitchen and laundry room. The downstairs powder room has new fixtures. Trees have been trimmed around the house and all of the gutters have been cleaned out. The house as been power washed. By the end of the week coming, my new oven and gas cook top will be installed. He spent two days last week at Lorelai's working on the "fixer upper" adding lattice around the steps, power washing, putting up window boxes and establishing flower beds. He's like the energizer bunny.

2.  Lorelai graduated, started graduate school, moved into the "fixer upper" and is starting her 30 hour per week job as nanny for a two year old little girl and her four month old brother. She's going to be tired but AWESOME. Our Lor has "the gift" for working with children.

3.  Legare is starting the second year in law practice. He goes goes goes all the time. He moved to a new apartment this summer. While urban living sounded good at the start, he said he felt like he went from elevator to parking garage to parking garage to elevator and vice versa all day long. He's now in a duplex on a quiet residential street...still close to the action but no elevator and a little bit of yard.

4.  We were gone a lot on weekends this summer. Beach, summer house, Clemson, Charlotte...I hosted a bridal shower (with three friends) here last weekend for the fiance' of our friends Anne and Tom's son. Didn't take a single photograph.

5.  When home, we've been visiting a new church...Second Presbyterian Charleston.

6.  Now...are we ready for some FOOTBALL!!!  First home game: September 8th. So so SO excited!

But enough about me...How are you wrapping up the summer??

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I've mentioned before that I'm not an animal lover. Can't help it. Lots of little animals are cute. I like to look at pictures of them.

I blame Mother. Ned and I weren't allowed to have animals. Not sure why.

I didn't want to be like Mother in that regard. Hank always had pets and we wanted our children to have pets. Hence our 12 year old Precious, the Terrible. And Boo, the cat. Boo lives outside and keeps critters out of the yard. He's OK in my book. Before Precious and Boo there were Hampton, the bassett hound and Harry, the bassett/beagle. And Oreo, the cat. A few years ago Hank ran over Oreo in our driveway and killed him. Not on purpose. We just about had to send him to therapy.

Recently Lorelai found a little kitty cat by the side of the road and adopted her...this would be Sophie, the Wonderful.  Lorelai and Sophie came home today for a few days. Sophie has a case of roundworm. I have banished Sophie to the guesthouse bathroom until she's completed her three days of deworming.

At the moment, I have become Mother, the Coldhearted...version 2.0.
It's lonely at the top!