Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Month Later!! Wedding Plans

Huge progress in planning Lorelai's wedding this week.  WE HAVE A DRESS!!!!  Wish I could show it to you, but alas...just in case the groom-to-be reads blogs, we cannot risk it. I can tell you this is from the Legends by Romona Keveza collection and is just gorgeous.

We went to several shops and found the dress at Maddison RowWe took maid-of-honor Mary, and our good friend Ann along to enjoy the fun. Ann has been something of a referee between Lorelai and me over the years when clothes shopping. I'm pleased to report that she didn't have to pull out her whistle a single time. This picture was taken as we arrived at the first salon on Friday morning. Needless to say, we were dragging by the time was left the third with a couple of favorites but no clear decision. Lorelai and I were able to get a last minute appointment at Maddison Row on Saturday afternoon but had to go by ourselves as Mary and Ann were otherwise engaged.

Today, we spent an hour and a half with Ellen Robinson, of  WED (Wedding Event Design) and photographer Marni Rothschild. There is no doubt that we've chosen well...or rather HAVE been chosen. These ladies are two of the VERY best in the business. I am amazed that they were not already booked, even for June of 2015. Ellen has recommended SYGDesigns to do the florals but we won't meet with them until later., reception venue, event designer/planner, photographer, florist, wedding dress...CHECK!!!  We have some time on the bridesmaids dresses. Ellen is working on recommendations for the reception music. I believe we will go with a DJ. In researching bands, Lorelai hasn't discovered one that plays all of the songs she wants. Engagement photos will be done in November out and about downtown. Save the Dates will go in the mail in January. CHECK CHECK CHECK!

For now, we are set. Lorelai is going to get ready for her new job and I am going to rest. Hank is ready to talk about something other than flowers and colors and dresses. Did I forget to tell you Lorelai has a JOB!! Elementary counselor in a wonderful school in the middle of the state. She worked so hard the last two years to complete her Masters and Education Specialist degrees...we couldn't be more proud of the young woman she's become.'re updated!!  What's been up at your house?