Saturday, May 12, 2012

Clemson- Class of 2012

Just got home from Clemson and Lorelai's graduation. Our friends Ann and Tom made the trip up, as did neighbor Deborah and her daughter Gracie. Legare rolled in from Charlotte to complete our merry little band. The ceremony was in Littlejohn Coliseum in Clemson and it was pretty much packed. Lor's group graduated in the second of the three ceremonies for the day.We headed back to Greenville after for a celebration dinner at High Cotton then back to the hotel where we collapsed after nightcaps and the opening of gifts. This morning, Ann and Tom headed out early while Hank waited patiently as Lor and I slept late.  Then a spot of shopping and the trip home.

I'm a little disappointed in my pictures...ever since my camera got wet in the boat it just hasn't been the same. Anybody know somebody at Nikon? are a few snapshots.

With Best Friend Amanda

On the jumbotron...
I drew an orange mark on her stole so you can tell which is Lor.

Being congratulated by President Barker

Arms around each other singing the Alma Mater

YAY...diploma in hand

With apartment-mate Maggie

One must go into the stadium after the ceremony...

Rubbing Howard's Rock...a long tradition. Every home game each coach and player rubs the rock before running down the hill.

Legare got into the act even though he is not a Clemson alum. 
Not sure what they rub at Furman or Chapel Hill.

With friends Ann and Tom...Lor surely does love them.

Proud daddy and brother...
Proud mama is always taking the pictures.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Last Month of the School Year...

...just wears me out!  Last weekend= was fabulous. The students behaved beautifully and were so pretty/handsome. This weekend, three of our seniors graduated with their Associate Degrees from the community college with which we partner. That may not seem like a big deal until I add that these are three HIGH SCHOOL seniors who received those college degrees a full three weeks before I will be presenting them with their high school diplomas. Nice, huh?  That's just one of many reasons that our high school ROCKS!  In between the two, was the yearbook presentation and signing extravaganza AND a principals' meeting. This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. I know I'm supposed to fix something but I can't remember which day.  And then there is all of the other school administrator stuff I cannot tell you about. Whew.

When in the world is PRINCIPAL appreciation week??  Somebody call Hallmark and get this thing going.

Our Lorelai graduates from Clemson this coming Friday afternoon.  If you've been following my blog from the beginning, you might remember that I started the blog as she was graduating from high school. We will have many photos to share next weekend...

Hank is fine...about seven weeks from RETIREMENT.  Legare is fine too.  Ned is hunky dory.

Mother's sister Elizabeth has moved in just down the hall from her at Green Grove.

I'm boring you...I can tell.  Sorry...