Saturday, January 11, 2014

Big Talk

I talk a good game, don't I?  Posting everyday, blah blah blah.

I did a good job posting my "thanksfuls" on Facebook. The smartphone is convenient for that. Can't manage a blog on a least I can't. is a recap of my FB updates since New Year's Day

1.2.14- Tonight...I am thankful for a roaring fire, this cozy quilt (made by my Grandmother Mason and Aunt Zoie some 70+ years ago) and most especially my kind and patient husband. And I DO mean patent!! (I got, let's just say, angry...insanely angry (hormones...I'm going to hang fast to hormones) and was ready to fire off a communication that would have SINGED the eyebrows off of the person for whom it was intended. Hank talked me down...he is a saint.)

1.2.14- Tonight, I am grateful for our children. Legare and Lorelai are the most precious gifts we could have ever been given. We are thankful that they have become such kind, caring, and generous young adults.

1.4.14- It's pretty safe to say that yesterday, I was thankful that the TIGERS won the Orange Bowl, but I was also grateful that we got to have supper and spend some time with our good friend Ted.

1.5.14- Tonight, I am thankful for my neighbors. It was good talking with you this afternoon Dee Dee, even if was just for a little while.

1.6.14- Tonight, we are thankful for our cat Boo. He went on to his great reward today but as cats go, he was a good old fella and kept the critters out of our yard. (Lorelai got Boo when she was in middle school. Poor thing was just too sick and we couldn't let him suffer. This upset Hank the most as he is the one who takes care of the animals on a daily basis.)

1/7/14- No fewer than ten times today, I said to myself, "I am so thankful for this wonderful team of people." Our school staff is in a league of its own. (Although on Friday when I had to lay down the law on a few housekeeping details, they might not have felt the same about me...)

1.8.14- Tonight I'm thankful for wisdom. Both the occasional flashes that I might display...and the wisdom shared with me by others. (I got a very nice response from a fellow who I taught in 11th and 12th grade WAY back first two years of teaching school. I recall being immature and whiny...he says I was a positive influence. He is very kind.)

1.9.14- So thankful for our "second family" at Second Presbyterian. Come join us.

1.10.14 I am thankful to live in the South Carolina Lowcountry for 100 reasons. #1= GOOD eats around every corner. Tonight...steamed oysters from just up the road a piece. (Below, you will see our oyster eating to have Texas Pete, saltine crackers, and your own oyster knives...not sure why the heavy duty gloves from the hardware store aren't in the basket.

1.11.14- Rainy Saturdays make me happy and I'm thankful that I don't have to go anywhere today. We have a very long honey-do list.

You have a wonderful weekend. I've got to get going on MY part of the honey-do list.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

What has happened to my brain?

(Case in'll see what I men when you finish reading the post...I forgot to come back and hit the publish button after I wrote yesterday morning...In the meantime...our Clemson Tigers won the BCS Discover Orange Bowl. For this...I am thankful!!  The game was so exciting that it was 2:00 a.m. before we got to sleep...anyhow...)
When I turned 52 in October, my brain turned to mush. I'm blaming it on menopause.

For instance, when Living in the Lowcountry suggested that I utilize Bloglovin in place of the long gone Google Reader, I immediately clicked over to Bloglovin. There, sitting, waiting for my reading pleasure, were all of my blogs from Reader. Apparently, I set up the account and completely forgot about it.

As we were trying to get on the road for an overnight trip to a wedding on New Year's Eve, I had to come back in the house five....FIVE...times because I kept thinking of things I thought I'd forgotten. Most of the things turned out to be in my bag in the car.

I only took THREE pictures on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Totally forgot to take my camera for the New Year's Eve celebration.

And I weep...not full blown crying...weeping...A LOT.  My eyes fill up with tears because I'm happy, sad, angry...because I see a cute kitty cat on Pinterest. I don't even LIKE cats! I let Lorelai's cat Sophie sit in my lap one night, all cozied up in a blanket.

I've fallen in love with Legare's dog, Bingley. I drove all the way to Charlotte a few weekends ago to BABYSIT THE DOG while Legare went out of town. I don't even LIKE dogs!  Over the holidays, I let him sit on the furniture and sleep on our bed. ON MY SIDE!!!

I'm seeing a theme I reinvent my blog the topic of the year just might be "hiding my crazy."

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Tonight, I am grateful for our children. Legare and Lorelai are the most precious gifts Hank and I could have ever been given.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Well...I'm Going To Try This Again, Folks-WELCOME ME BACK TO BLOGGING!!

Lordy, do I miss blogging. I am going to REINVENT "Life of a..." in 2014. Yes, Indeedy, Do!

How are YOU??  I've not blogged and I've not been reading. When Google Reader went away I got completely confused. Tell me...what are you using to keep your blog reading organized?  PLEASE TELL ME.

We are fine. Legare is fine. Lorelai's housemate, well now former housemate, Candice married the love of her life last night up in Anderson, so Hank and I road tripped up that way on New Year's Eve afternoon and came home this morning. It was the sweetest eyes must have filled up with tears ten times. (This crying thing is a new phenomenon since I turned 52 back in October...Hank doesn't quite know what to do with me.)

Candice and Lor have lived together for two years but now husband Jesse is moving in and Lor has moved to an apartment. Candice's family lives locally and they have been SO GOOD to Lorelai. It was a true blessing to Hank and me (who just swoop in from four hours away for home football games) to know that the Bagwells were keeping an eye on her.

Looking back at last year's goals, we didn't do yoga more than five or six times and I didn't lose any weight. But I didn't GAIN any weight so I count that one as a victory.

This year I only have two be more thankful...more grateful...for the many blessings God has given to us. And to slow down...when I tell people that I do not let my job rule my life...well, I'm telling a WHOPPER. I am going to FB and Tweet my "thankful fors" as often as possible...and share here as well.  I really look forward to catching up with all of you.

SO...for today...

This morning, on Facebook, I posted...I am thankful that we had the privilege of being a part of the Bagwell Godfrey wedding...each person there came away truly blessed. And that we got to meet the entire Bagwell family, who have been so kind and loving to our Lorelai over the past two years.

And tonight...with the photo below...I am thankful for a roaring fire, this cozy quilt (made by my Grandmother Mason and Aunt Zoie some 70+ years ago) and most especially my kind and patient husband. And I DO mean patent!!