Wednesday, April 17, 2019

After a Long Long Time....I am on INSTAGRAM--Please Come Follow Me

I've jumped on the Instagram train.
I am exploring the possibility of launching my own little business...helping people to simplify and minimize their worlds by organizing and decluttering.

And I really just want to have fun sharing how we dwell well over here at the farm. Not putting on one bit...authentic. Yes indeed...we moved over to the farm and built ourselves a new house since I decided to retire.

Yes...I RETIRED!!!!!

And then there is our grandson! YES...born late last year. We are madly in love with him.  If I decide to continue blogging I will likely start a whole new site.


Pretty Please!!

@dwellwellsouth  on Instagram.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

It's Time to Say Goodbye...And HELLO!!!! Hello! Hello!

You've heard of Orange is the New Black?
Well, Daughter of the South is the new Life of a Southern Bell.  Click HERE to jump on over.

New time in my life and a new blog is in order.  Please jump over to visit and comment, pretty please, so that I may start my new and improved list of blogs to read.

If you feel so compelled, please share the news with others. Out with the old and in with the new...but I may not be able to resist pulling a few golden oldies over from LOSB.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lorelei's Wedding-Part 2

Hank and I took few days away.  In the midst of our week down at the summer house Ned took ill and we had to spend a number of days with him in the hospital. VERY long story and not something I have the energy to re-hash just now. I'd rather talk about happier things.  Ned is better and out of the hospital. There will be ongoing challenges but he is out of the woods for now.

I promised to tell you about some of the other vendors. Our saving grace were the ladies, led by Ellen Robinson, of WED...event planners extraordinaire! We spent almost exactly one year working with them. To say that Ellen is the picture of patience, professionalism and calm is an understatement. Lorelei and I each dug our heels in our various ideas and Ellen got us through to the other side every time.  Poor Hank...Ellen saved his sanity.  Sara York Grimshaw and company of SYG Designs designed florals that did exactly what we asked...they made one feel that we went into grandmother's Charleston garden to pick the flowers and greenery for each arrangement, bouquet, and boutonnière.

Lorelai and Butler wanted a DJ rather than band and Lucas Wade of EPIC Charleston did not disappoint. The party did not wax and wane as receptions sometimes do depending on the music. He knew exactly what to do and what to play every second. And talk about ADORABLE!!! He is adorable!

When we realized that our mothers would not be able to attend, Hank and I gave in to Lorelai's plea to engage a videographer. Ben Hough and his colleague (who I believe might have been his wife but am not 100% sure...if not...SORRY about that Ben and Mrs. Ben) from Artistic Eye Productions were with us on wedding day from 2:30 p.m. with hair and makeup until 11:00 p.m. when the bride and groom departed the reception. You'll be seeing their highlight video soon.

We expect the photo proofs from Marni Rothschild this week.  But in the meantime, here are a three frames I was able to pull from Artistic Eye's highlight video.  Followed by a handful of candid's from various people. More soon!

 Hair by Patrick Navarro

 Opening the gift from her groom
 Five of the six bridesmaids in the hotel lobby after morning tea
 Pretty girls (and awesome friends) getting all fixed up at TEASE

All six girls looking lovely

 Two maids of honor
Make up  by Madison Hughes with help from a silly goose.
First Dance

Monday, June 15, 2015

I'm HERE, I'm HERE....LORELAI'S Wedding! We survived a year of planning and the BIG EVENT!

I didn't disappear. You likely do not believe me. I'm BACK....really back. Planned any weddings lately? Let me tell you, it will consume your entire brain. You won't be able to think of anything else. One day I'm going to write a book...maybe try out my wedding planning skills. Maybe in three years when I retire. We'll see.

Anyhow...our little Lorelai got married to her prince charming, Butler, this past Saturday, June 13, at our lovely and historic Second Presbyterian Church with the cocktail hour in the lobby and dinner and dancing in the Colonial Ballroom at the Francis Marion Hotel. I'll tell you about our planner and florist, and other vendors in future posts. It will take 100 posts to truly express our heartfelt gratitude to SO many people. I promised Hank that I'd go off the grid for a few days but here is a photo to whet your appetite for many more beautiful (and some funny) photos to come. The portrait, photographed at the beautiful RiverOaks Charleston by the off the charts talented Marni Rothschild...

Let me know you're out there. I'm updating my blog reading list. I have a lot of catching up to do.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Fresh Start, Part 3- When a Control Freak Has No Control

So...getting the food under control.

I am insanely jealous of people who find it so easy to eat to live rather than live to eat. I fall into the live to eat category. Some of the best memories of my whole life involve sitting around a dining room table or in a restaurant with family and/or friends. I don't know what it is like in other places, but in the South, we show how much we love you by feeding you and vice versa.

My nutritionist and I spent the first 30 minutes of my first visit with her just talking. I am confident that her first impressions were:

1. This woman is crazy.
2. This woman is lazy.

Then we talked about water. Not sure why exactly, but I can drink my coffee in the morning and not drink another drop all day. I just don't get thirsty. I can eat an entire meal and not take a sip of any sort of liquid.  I liked juice alright. And Pepsi. And sweet tea. Not a fan of water. Crazy, right?  I agreed that I could drink 40 oz of water a day for a month.  And I almost did.  Just not quite.  BUT, four months later I am still almost doing that. Weekdays are easy but weekends not so much. I'm a work in progress.

And then...THEN...there is sugar. If sugar was alcohol or drugs I would be a falling down out of my mind sugarholic. Again, I am far from perfect but have gotten a whole lot better. The water helps with everything. And a lot of prayer which helped me summon up uncommon willpower. I get sort of sad on the rare occasion that I decide to "treat myself" to a Pepsi.  It doesn't taste good to me anymore. I shouldn't be sad about that, but I am.

A lot has changed about what I enjoy. Things I used to like a lot, salmon for instance, just don't do it for me anymore. Fried food?  Nope. Not to mention that my body will turn on me in an instant when I eat something I shouldn't. Not sick...just lethargic. Hank asks me every morning...what do you want for supper?  I just don't care that much anymore. COULD IT BE?  Could it POSSIBLY be that I'm evolving into a person who Eats to Live??

A few strategies we are employing at home during the work week...and yes, Hank is getting on board with me:

1. Fresh lean meats and fresh vegetables only for dinner during the week. Baked, broiled, pan-seared, sauteed or roasted. Olive oil as needed...sparingly.

2. Wasa crackers are the best things ever.  Put a small smear of Smuckers All Natural Peanut Butter and some all fruit type orange marmalade or other of your choice on top and munch munch munch.

3. Smart Pop 100 calorie bags of microwave popcorn. Eat one kernel at the time while watching TV at night. Wash it down with a bottle of water with Motts Apple Singles To Go added.

4. Breakfast every single day. A Kind bar or a Special K To Go shake. Plain fat free yogurt with a touch of honey, homemade granola and fresh berries was a big hit during berry season.

Next time:  I have to exercise?????  Just kill me now.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Fresh Start Part 2- How to Develop an Action Plan When Your Child Says "Please Take Care of Yourself."

So...back to my story.

STEP 1: I procrastinated until April. Then I put on my big girl britches and made an appointment with our family physician. She referred me to a top notch cardiologist at the Medical University of South Carolina. After a thorough assessment and a number of tests, the news was encouraging. My calcium score scan came back at zero, which is perfect. I was thoroughly amazed by that. Cholesterol still high. Blood pressure under control with meds.

My Friends: Insurance does not generally cover the calcium score scan BUT it is only $125. It is non-invasive and I declare that it took me longer to walk from the parking garage to the hospital that it took for the procedure. Best $125 I ever spent.

STEP 2: Nutrition
Oh my heavenly days how I love food. The greater-Charleston area is a fabulous place to live when you are a foodie. And a great TEMPTATION when you are an overweight foodie with high cholesterol and blood pressure issues. I am a loyal in the world was I going to shut my best friends Ben and Jerry out of my life??? What would they think at Magnolias when we don't show up for Sunday brunch. Kaminsky's....I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU.  River Street Sweets...stop pushing that sample tray of pralines in my face when I walk know I'm weak! Husk! McCradys! The Grocery! GiGi's Brasserie! (OK I'm stop now...there's not enough room to list them all.)
My cardiologist suggested that I utilize the services of her nutritionist. And I am.  I am not proud of the fact that I cannot hold myself accountable for making good food and exercise choices.  I am almost 53 and have good insurance. I will pay the nutritionist to be my accountability partner. My visits are every 4-6 weeks and for the first time in my adult life, I have some measure control in a part of my life where I had none. Since June 1 and as of this morning, I have lost 20 pounds. I'm not taking appetite suppressants or doing any sort of crazy fad diet/food thing.

Stay tuned.  Next I am changing the way I eat and how I am battling my reluctance to exercise.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Fresh Start

About a year ago, I started a post with a remark something like this...When I turned 52 on my recent birthday my brain turned to mush...I blame it on menopause. 53rd birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and it seems that my brain is STILL mush a lot of the time.

One day last winter, I got a call from Legare. The mother-in-law of a friend of his had passed away that evening from a heart attack. She wasn't too much older than me and it came completely out of the blue. No signs, no warning....BOOM.  She woke up that morning in her bed at home and by 6:00 p.m. she'd passed away. His request before he ended the call was that both Hank and I PLEASE do whatever it takes within our control to stay healthy.

I have to tell you, when your CHILD has a conversation like that with you, well, you jump.

I considered my family daddy had his first heart attack at 52 and mother, you know MOTHER, what we used to call "eccentric" turned into full blown dementia and in the last couple of years, she has been diagnosed with diabetes.

I considered my lifestyle...little to no exercise, a serious sugar addiction, a diet that consisted primarily of comfort-type food, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, a high pressure career and the responsibilities that Hank and I bear not only to handle our lives and the business thereof,  but also shouldering the sole responsibility of handling everything for his mother, my mother and my brother Ned. And I am sort of a perfectionist control freak. Just saying...

What was I to do?????????????  Stand by for the answers.

NO...tell me it hasn't been three months since I posted!

Oh Y'ALL!!!!!  There were vacations and moving Lorelai and school starting and mother and Ned and Hank's mother and the granddog...HOW has it been three months since I posted?

I so desperately want to get back into the blogging groove but CLEARLY I don't quite know how to do that.

Is it a "getting older" thing?  I turn around and time has flown by.

Is it a "first world problem" thing? Too many resources and too much to do?

I miss blogging.  I miss reading about what you are doing. I miss all of the great ideas that I get from you.


I'm going to do this.  Life of a Southern Belle 2.0 if you will. A daily post, but not too long.

From the blog reading perspective...If you're still out there PLEASE let me know. I am going to check out my old favorites to see if you are still there. Then I'm going out to find other folks that I might not be familiar with. I'm going to fix this.  Yes I am!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Month Later!! Wedding Plans

Huge progress in planning Lorelai's wedding this week.  WE HAVE A DRESS!!!!  Wish I could show it to you, but alas...just in case the groom-to-be reads blogs, we cannot risk it. I can tell you this is from the Legends by Romona Keveza collection and is just gorgeous.

We went to several shops and found the dress at Maddison RowWe took maid-of-honor Mary, and our good friend Ann along to enjoy the fun. Ann has been something of a referee between Lorelai and me over the years when clothes shopping. I'm pleased to report that she didn't have to pull out her whistle a single time. This picture was taken as we arrived at the first salon on Friday morning. Needless to say, we were dragging by the time was left the third with a couple of favorites but no clear decision. Lorelai and I were able to get a last minute appointment at Maddison Row on Saturday afternoon but had to go by ourselves as Mary and Ann were otherwise engaged.

Today, we spent an hour and a half with Ellen Robinson, of  WED (Wedding Event Design) and photographer Marni Rothschild. There is no doubt that we've chosen well...or rather HAVE been chosen. These ladies are two of the VERY best in the business. I am amazed that they were not already booked, even for June of 2015. Ellen has recommended SYGDesigns to do the florals but we won't meet with them until later., reception venue, event designer/planner, photographer, florist, wedding dress...CHECK!!!  We have some time on the bridesmaids dresses. Ellen is working on recommendations for the reception music. I believe we will go with a DJ. In researching bands, Lorelai hasn't discovered one that plays all of the songs she wants. Engagement photos will be done in November out and about downtown. Save the Dates will go in the mail in January. CHECK CHECK CHECK!

For now, we are set. Lorelai is going to get ready for her new job and I am going to rest. Hank is ready to talk about something other than flowers and colors and dresses. Did I forget to tell you Lorelai has a JOB!! Elementary counselor in a wonderful school in the middle of the state. She worked so hard the last two years to complete her Masters and Education Specialist degrees...we couldn't be more proud of the young woman she's become.'re updated!!  What's been up at your house?

Saturday, May 24, 2014

And Two Weeks Later...

And two weeks later, we've accomplished a lot in preparing for the wedding. The church is booked...our beautiful sanctuary at Second Presbyterian Church...for June 13, 2015.  We have engaged a wedding planner...Ellen Cohn-Robinson of WED (Wedding.Event.Design). And, after much research, we have settled on the location for the wedding reception...the Colonial Room at the Francis Marion Hotel.

The church was a no brainer. We are SO blessed to be members of Second Church. In the words of our pastor from the church website...

Second Presbyterian Church is #1 on the List of Historical Churches in Charleston.
For over two hundred years the light from the steeple of The Second Presbyterian Church of Charleston and Its Suburbs, as it was named in 1809, has been a beacon providing direction for sojourners on the sea and the sea of life. As we move into our third century, we are committed to serving our still-creating God in ways that are yet to be imagined!

The decision to work with a wedding planner was also an easy one to make. Let me tell you...the fact that we were able to get WED to take us on a mere 13 months before a wedding during the month of June--the busiest wedding month in Charleston---is nothing short of a miracle. As important as it is to us that our only daughter's wedding be exactly what she wants it to be (within reason) it is also important that we have every opportunity to enjoy it without feeling overwhelmed. WED is a gift that Hank and I are giving ourselves!!

The reception. The Francis Marion Hotel.  The Colonial Ballroom in the 90 year old hotel, was completely refurbished in 2012 and is lovely...but...there are many lovely venues in Charleston. At the end of the day, it's all about parking, parking and parking. Our guests will be able to walk across Marion Square from the church to the reception. It is also all about air conditioning!! There are a number of gorgeous historical home venues; however, they require that dancing be outside as amplified music is strictly prohibited inside these homes. gnats. My nerves would not be able to withstand worrying about the heat, humidity and sand gnats.

So...the next steps...firming up details on the photographer, the guest list, the music and schedule appointments for wedding dress shopping.  More soon...

Monday, May 12, 2014


You didn't think I'd completely given up the ghost on blogging, did you?  I mean, really, it's only been almost six months since I posted.  Give a girl some encouragement with a few comments pretty please. But now...NOW, I have BIG BIG NEWS!

Lorelai is ENGAGED!!!!  Here's the story...last weekend, she graduated from Clemson (again) with her Masters and Education Specialist Degrees (two degrees...TWO!) in Counselor Education.  By the way...she's looking for a job so if you are a school administrator in South Carolina be a pal and give her a job.

Hank and I took Lorelai, her then boyfriend now fiance' Butler, and Legare out to dinner at Rick Erwin's West End Grille on Thursday night.  After the ceremony on Friday afternoon, Legare headed back to Raleigh (oh yes...other news...he's moved from Charlotte to a new job in Raleigh) and Hank and I grabbed a quick supper at Davani's, then went back to the hotel to collapse.

Hank's cell phone died so he plugged it in and promptly fell hard and fast asleep by about 8:30. I watched Netflix for a bit and was out shortly thereafter. He woke up about 1:30 a.m. and when he checked the time on his phone, saw that he had a text from Butler requesting a private conversation for Saturday morning. Confident that he knew what the conversation would be about and to his credit, he suffered in silence for the rest of the night and did not wake me.

After Saturday morning brunch with Lorelai's fellow graduates, Hank and Butler found a quiet place to chat. Long story short, Hank gave our blessing and we started back toward the Lowcountry. With the help of good friends Candice and Jesse, Butler hatched a plan to be executed that evening in the Botanical Garden at Clemson. Candice called Lorelai and requested that she and Butler come to the garden to take pictures of she and Jesse in all of their finery before the Inaugural Ball for the new president of the university. Unbeknownst to Lorelai, Candice and Jesse were hiding in the shrubbery at the appointed location ready to take photos of the big moment. And here it is...

And one with Candice just after...

And finally....the ring!

Lots to do...lots to do.  And I am going to blog about all of it.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Big Talk

I talk a good game, don't I?  Posting everyday, blah blah blah.

I did a good job posting my "thanksfuls" on Facebook. The smartphone is convenient for that. Can't manage a blog on a least I can't. is a recap of my FB updates since New Year's Day

1.2.14- Tonight...I am thankful for a roaring fire, this cozy quilt (made by my Grandmother Mason and Aunt Zoie some 70+ years ago) and most especially my kind and patient husband. And I DO mean patent!! (I got, let's just say, angry...insanely angry (hormones...I'm going to hang fast to hormones) and was ready to fire off a communication that would have SINGED the eyebrows off of the person for whom it was intended. Hank talked me down...he is a saint.)

1.2.14- Tonight, I am grateful for our children. Legare and Lorelai are the most precious gifts we could have ever been given. We are thankful that they have become such kind, caring, and generous young adults.

1.4.14- It's pretty safe to say that yesterday, I was thankful that the TIGERS won the Orange Bowl, but I was also grateful that we got to have supper and spend some time with our good friend Ted.

1.5.14- Tonight, I am thankful for my neighbors. It was good talking with you this afternoon Dee Dee, even if was just for a little while.

1.6.14- Tonight, we are thankful for our cat Boo. He went on to his great reward today but as cats go, he was a good old fella and kept the critters out of our yard. (Lorelai got Boo when she was in middle school. Poor thing was just too sick and we couldn't let him suffer. This upset Hank the most as he is the one who takes care of the animals on a daily basis.)

1/7/14- No fewer than ten times today, I said to myself, "I am so thankful for this wonderful team of people." Our school staff is in a league of its own. (Although on Friday when I had to lay down the law on a few housekeeping details, they might not have felt the same about me...)

1.8.14- Tonight I'm thankful for wisdom. Both the occasional flashes that I might display...and the wisdom shared with me by others. (I got a very nice response from a fellow who I taught in 11th and 12th grade WAY back first two years of teaching school. I recall being immature and whiny...he says I was a positive influence. He is very kind.)

1.9.14- So thankful for our "second family" at Second Presbyterian. Come join us.

1.10.14 I am thankful to live in the South Carolina Lowcountry for 100 reasons. #1= GOOD eats around every corner. Tonight...steamed oysters from just up the road a piece. (Below, you will see our oyster eating to have Texas Pete, saltine crackers, and your own oyster knives...not sure why the heavy duty gloves from the hardware store aren't in the basket.

1.11.14- Rainy Saturdays make me happy and I'm thankful that I don't have to go anywhere today. We have a very long honey-do list.

You have a wonderful weekend. I've got to get going on MY part of the honey-do list.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

What has happened to my brain?

(Case in'll see what I men when you finish reading the post...I forgot to come back and hit the publish button after I wrote yesterday morning...In the meantime...our Clemson Tigers won the BCS Discover Orange Bowl. For this...I am thankful!!  The game was so exciting that it was 2:00 a.m. before we got to sleep...anyhow...)
When I turned 52 in October, my brain turned to mush. I'm blaming it on menopause.

For instance, when Living in the Lowcountry suggested that I utilize Bloglovin in place of the long gone Google Reader, I immediately clicked over to Bloglovin. There, sitting, waiting for my reading pleasure, were all of my blogs from Reader. Apparently, I set up the account and completely forgot about it.

As we were trying to get on the road for an overnight trip to a wedding on New Year's Eve, I had to come back in the house five....FIVE...times because I kept thinking of things I thought I'd forgotten. Most of the things turned out to be in my bag in the car.

I only took THREE pictures on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Totally forgot to take my camera for the New Year's Eve celebration.

And I weep...not full blown crying...weeping...A LOT.  My eyes fill up with tears because I'm happy, sad, angry...because I see a cute kitty cat on Pinterest. I don't even LIKE cats! I let Lorelai's cat Sophie sit in my lap one night, all cozied up in a blanket.

I've fallen in love with Legare's dog, Bingley. I drove all the way to Charlotte a few weekends ago to BABYSIT THE DOG while Legare went out of town. I don't even LIKE dogs!  Over the holidays, I let him sit on the furniture and sleep on our bed. ON MY SIDE!!!

I'm seeing a theme I reinvent my blog the topic of the year just might be "hiding my crazy."

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Tonight, I am grateful for our children. Legare and Lorelai are the most precious gifts Hank and I could have ever been given.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Well...I'm Going To Try This Again, Folks-WELCOME ME BACK TO BLOGGING!!

Lordy, do I miss blogging. I am going to REINVENT "Life of a..." in 2014. Yes, Indeedy, Do!

How are YOU??  I've not blogged and I've not been reading. When Google Reader went away I got completely confused. Tell me...what are you using to keep your blog reading organized?  PLEASE TELL ME.

We are fine. Legare is fine. Lorelai's housemate, well now former housemate, Candice married the love of her life last night up in Anderson, so Hank and I road tripped up that way on New Year's Eve afternoon and came home this morning. It was the sweetest eyes must have filled up with tears ten times. (This crying thing is a new phenomenon since I turned 52 back in October...Hank doesn't quite know what to do with me.)

Candice and Lor have lived together for two years but now husband Jesse is moving in and Lor has moved to an apartment. Candice's family lives locally and they have been SO GOOD to Lorelai. It was a true blessing to Hank and me (who just swoop in from four hours away for home football games) to know that the Bagwells were keeping an eye on her.

Looking back at last year's goals, we didn't do yoga more than five or six times and I didn't lose any weight. But I didn't GAIN any weight so I count that one as a victory.

This year I only have two be more thankful...more grateful...for the many blessings God has given to us. And to slow down...when I tell people that I do not let my job rule my life...well, I'm telling a WHOPPER. I am going to FB and Tweet my "thankful fors" as often as possible...and share here as well.  I really look forward to catching up with all of you.

SO...for today...

This morning, on Facebook, I posted...I am thankful that we had the privilege of being a part of the Bagwell Godfrey wedding...each person there came away truly blessed. And that we got to meet the entire Bagwell family, who have been so kind and loving to our Lorelai over the past two years.

And tonight...with the photo below...I am thankful for a roaring fire, this cozy quilt (made by my Grandmother Mason and Aunt Zoie some 70+ years ago) and most especially my kind and patient husband. And I DO mean patent!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I try and I try... keep up with blogging. It just isn't meant to be a weekly (or apparently monthly) activity right now.

Lorelai and Legare are fine. She is enjoying her counseling internship and her new part time job working in the tutoring center for student athletes at Clemson.  He's on a unrelenting quest to furnish his new house.

School has started for me.  Fabulous group of new students this year. Dream team of a staff. It's all good.

Hank is busy supervising work on a bedroom remodel, bathroom addition, and new roof at the summerhouse and, as the most patient person in our family, still heads up the highway once each week to check on the little old ladies and Ned.  He's busier in retirement that he ever was when he went to an office every day.

Our Clemson Tigers did good work on Georgia last week. Have to share a "smile" story with you. We have four season's tickets. When Hank and I realized that it was going to be an 8:00 p.m. game, we decided to watch from home. I love night games, but not ESPN Game Day games where people start their parties at the break of dawn. All of the hullabaloo makes me a little nervous.

Anyhow...Lorelai wanted two of the tickets and I sold two on StubHub. Here's the smile part...the face value on each ticket was $75. SOMEBODY bought those two tickets for $590!!  Maybe they got their money's worth because it was a fabulous game (unless they were Georgia fans). All I know is that Legare, Robert, Hank and I sat in our comfortable chairs in our cool den, eating wings, BBQ, rice and hash, slaw, and homemade ice cream... and after StubHub took their cut, I deposited $501.50 in my checking account.

Happy, happy, happy.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Legare's New House and Our 30th Anniversary

It's been a busy two weeks. On July 4th, Hank and I loaded up a U-Haul trailer and he left for Clemson where he unloaded said furniture at Lorelai's and reloaded some furniture she was using to take to Legare and his new house. On July 5th, we met up in Charlotte at Legare's new house to unload furniture and help get things settled there. Hank painted and I cooked the first decent meal anybody'd eaten since the move. In a moment of brotherly love, he invited Lorelai to come for the weekend also. Fried chicken, collard greens, tomato pie, peach pound cake. A really good comfort food sort of "first" real meal in a new home.

Hank and I left about dark to settle in for the weekend at the Ritz. We looked like poor old country come to town dragging in there after working hard all day. When we got to our room we found this waiting for us. Legare had called to tell them that we were celebrating our 30th anniversary.

On Saturday morning, we headed back over to the house. It's a lovely little neighborhood...he's less than ten minutes from his office in the Bank of America building...the one with the crown on top, but it feels like a small town neighborhood. Robert was working on getting the big television mounted on the wall in the den and Legare was walking around supervising.

While Hank started back in on the painting (and Legare continued to supervise), Lorelai and I headed in the vicinity of SouthPark Mall to look for some clothes for her and for MY anniversary gift. Sue and Louis were in Charlotte checking in on Sue's mother and they joined us for a bit. I found the gift and Hank joined us later to seal the deal. I'll show you the earrings later...I'm wearing them and do NOT do "selfies." Later, Sue and Louis, with her mom in tow, came by to check out the house.

Late in the afternoon, Hank and I went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. Lorelai, Legare, Robert, Hank, and I went to The Capitol Grill for the most delicious dinner I've had in awhile. Drinks...appetizers...beautiful porcini rubbed delmonico steaks for the gentlemen, parmesan crusted sole for Lorelai, and a filet and lobster tail for me. Delicious sides to share... and a wonderful surprise champagne toast AND dessert, compliments of the establishment. When the check came, Legare and Robert each whipped out a credit card and dinner was on them. SO SWEET! We were so enthralled with all of the food that we didn't take a picture!

We got up on Sunday morning and packed to head back to the Lowcountry, while Lorelai got on the road back to Clemson. It was a wonderful WONDERFUL weekend.

Bingley waved goodbye. He loves his new house and his fenced in back yard.

Hope you're having a good weekend!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Snap Crackle Zizzle Zazzle Pop Pop Bam

I found a section on blogger that I didn't know was there...some spot where it looks like spam comments were sent pending approval.

One said that my post titles weren't "catchy" enough.

How's this one for catchy?

Sunday, June 30, 2013

How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

Back on Easter Sunday, Legare leaned over to me before church started and pointed out a memorial to a church member long gone on to glory. There are a number of such on the walls on both sides of the sanctuary. He remarked that he hoped to be remembered similarly...and I have to agree. I'd like to be remembered this way as well...

What say you?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Installment #2..Anybody Miss Me (I'm Baaaack!)

We'll make this installment a family update. just winding up his first year of retirement. Our yard has never looked better. We have a beautiful little vegetable garden. He has several improvements underway at the farm. God bless his kind and caring heart, he has visited our mothers and Ned every week...I don't believe he missed three weeks the entire year. Recently, he was elected to the Aldersgate Special Needs Ministry Board of Directors, the organization that built the house Ned lives in and another one other for disabled women up in Columbia. He will be a blessing to the group. wrapping up his second year at his law firm. He's traveled quite a bit...mostly Houston, Boston, Seattle, Philadelphia, Manchester, NH and DC.  Good thing he doesn't live awfully far from the Charlotte airport. Two big things...he got a dog. Bingley is an English Springer Spaniel and he is absolutely adorable...and this coming from a person who doesn't really like all. We kept him for a weekend recently and he and Precious did not get along. Since she will hardly let Hank out of her sight, he slept in Legare's old room with her and Bingley slept with me. the foot of the bed...the same one I was sleeping in. People who know me well think I'm telling a fib. Second big news...Legare is buying a house. He closes on July to come.

Lorelai...completed her second year of grad school. Next year this time, she will have an Education Specialist (Ed.S.) degree in School Counseling and be more credentialed than her dear old mama. I stopped after my Masters, but then again I was 36 when I was done. She'll only be not quite 24. Lorelai's boyfriend, Whit, lives in Columbia so they're about 2 hours apart. Lor and her kitty cat Sophie still coexist with her friend Candace and Candace's big old sweet pie of a dog Remi. Candace is getting married on New Year's Eve so Lor will be moving into a nearby apartment to wrap up her last semester of school in Spring 2014...unless she decides to stay for her Ph.D....I think, though, that she is ready to get out into the workforce for awhile.

Ned is fabulous. Hank's mother is up and down. My mother is on a slow but steady decline. She can no longer recognize the children in any photographs and thinks I am Dorothy...her older sister who passed away in 1981. We have to chuckle...

Here are a few photos... 1. The day Legare got Bingley  2. Bingley on the looks like he just told Legare a funny joke  3. Lorelai with us at church on Mother's Day  4.  A much bigger Bingley trying to see what's cooking.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Anybody Miss Me-Installment #1

I'm baaaack!  Was not away for any terrible just got in the way of blogging. Work...and work. More work.'s been more than six months since I posted my New Year's resoloutions. In a nutshell, we did yoga for three days and I didn't walk a single step on the treadmill. Pitiful!

I haven't lost a single pound...but I haven't GAINED a single pound so I'm considering that a victory all things considered.

The only resolution fulfilled is that we joined Second Presbyterian in March. It's such a loving and caring church home. I've joined the choir and had a fabulous time serving in the Tea Room two Saturdays during the Spoleto Festival in Charleston. I've even filled in for handbells a time or two. What a blessing to worship in such a beautiful place on Sunday mornings.  I'm taking a rare vacation day. Got to scoot to an appoinement. More later!  I hope you're still out there my friends. I've got a lot of blog reading to catch up on.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

January 2013 Resolutions

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm making/revising my resolutions one month at a time. The January goals are starting a little late...although I've been tweaking this and that for the last week. It's all about being more healthy and calm and patient. Here goes...I'll be updating on January 31st.

1.  Yoga three times a week.  Hank and I are doing yoga together and this is the one resolution we started on January 1. Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday are our yoga days. We did a different video each day and finally, today, settled on a good intro that we're going to stick with until we feel comfortable with the basics.

2. On Wednesdays and Fridays I'm going to do a mile on our treadmill. Mondays and Saturdays will be my off days. I know a mile doesn't seem like much but for me, it's huge!

3. This morning, we declared our intention to join Second Presbyterian Charleston, where we've been visiting since summer. Hopefully, by the end of the month we will be members in our new church home...our "second" family at Second Presbyterian.

4.  I weighed myself this morning and will be using a couple of apps that I've discovered to pursue a goal of losing 2 pounds a week.  My goal is 40 pounds. More on the details when I update at the end of the month.

That's it for January...

How are things going for you and yours?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This and That

My nerves are still frayed from last night's Chick-fil-A Bowl...formerly known as the Peach Bowl.

Our Clemson Tigers were their best selves in the end, winning over LSU by one point, earned by a field goal in the last two seconds of the game. It was a humdinger of a ballgame and a sweet win, as I don't think many people were expecting it. I had a teeny tiny good feeling at kick off but never would say it out loud. Can't tempt jubilation until the win is in the bag!

I've decided on several resolutions; however, because creating short-term goals is more conducive to success for me personally, I'll be creating monthly resolutions. The list will get longer as the year goes by because while some goals will be met, others will continue for a time. I'll be putting said resolutions into effect beginning Monday, January 7th and report out at the end of each month.  Not that I expect you, my friends, to be overly's just that reporting publicly will keep me honest.

More on the resolutions over the coming week...I'm still formulating plans.

This is my last afternoon of vacation. I'm sad...but I'm happy...but I'm sad...but I'm HAPPY! 

Have a great rest of your New Year's Day!

Monday, December 31, 2012

Our Glamorous New Year's Eve

I'm writing this post at halftime of the Chick-fil-A Bowl where our Clemson Tigers are at the Georgia Dome taking on LSU.  Hank is asleep in his chair. 

I'm wearing a very chic long-sleeved red and white Piggly Wiggly t-shirt and charcoal grey yoga pants. My ensemble is completed by horizontal striped fuzzy socks in chocolate brown and champagne. Hank is very GQ in navy sweatpants and a formerly yellow t-shirt that is faded to perfection.

We dined on Hank's famous shrimp and grits...white wine for Hank and Pepsi for me.

What sort of GLAM are you and yours up to this fair New Year's Eve?? 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sleepy Saturday

Not sure why I think that's a catchy post title since almost the entire last week has been "sleepy."  I love having vacation but I'm a disaster when there's no structure to my day. I do not want to go back to work on Wednesday, yet I DO want to go back to work on Wednesday just to get back into a routine.

Last night we stayed up late watching the second season of Downton Abbey again in preparation for the new season. Hank has gone over to Hometown for a little reunion of sorts with some of his daddy's people. Legare and Richard have gone to Howard's for breakfast. I think I'm going to run to the grocery store and cook up a big supper.

The one thing I really missed on Christmas was my own dressing. Baking a chicken and fixing a down home supper for tonight sounds like a good use of my afternoon.

Lorelai is instagramming photos of her NYC adventure. Poor Beau...he'll be a good man if he survives five days in the city with her and her friends.

This photo says it all...and was taken on Day 1!!  Look how cute she is with that little pouty face and those hands on thos hips!! Oh my makes me laugh out loud!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Sweet Rest, Resolutions, and Random Thoughts

Happy Do Nothing Day was a wonderful success, followed up by an equally impressive Happy Do Just A Little Bit More Than Yesterday Day. Today is Happy Piddle Around Day. A little cleaning, a little shopping, a little blogging. Hank and I are going to begin YOGA today. I took a class for a short time some years ago and felt SO relaxed and clear-headed, which for me is saying something.

Lorelai left this morning for New York...Legare is coming in tonight for the long weekend.

I am SO thankful for a few days of vacation!!

I'm not a maker of resolutions...has always seemed like a way of setting myself up for failure. For whatever strange reason; however, I feel like making a few for 2013....not firm on them yet but am pondering the following:

1.  Work will not rule my life.
2.  Work will not rule my life.
3.  Work will not rule my life.
4.  Work will not rule my life.
5.  Work will not rule my life.

I'm NOT kidding...I'm seriously considering 1 through 5 above.

What are you considering???

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Do Nothing Day

Hope that you and yours had a wonderful Christmas Day.  I always admire and am a little jealous of folks whose holiday goes without a hitch. Ours never does...not actual Christmas Day anyway.

Christmas Eve was great...relaxing. Dinner at Peninsula Grill with our children and Lorelai's beau, Beau. Good food and fun...although I probably had a little more "fun" than I should have. Thankfully, I'm even MORE delightful after a couple of the Grill's southern manhattens with those little brandy soaked cherries, IF you can imagine. To top it all off, Legare grabbed the check from Hank and declared the entire evening his treat.

Mother's family all convened at Green Grove for dinner at noon on Christmas Day. There were 30 of us and it was as pleasant as Christmas dinner in a nursing home could be, I suppose. Both mother and her sister Elizabeth appeared mostly dazed and confused but we, the family, did the best we could under the circumstances.

All the more reason, my friends, to declare today Happy Do Nothing Day. In this world, there is rarely rest for the weary (or wicked, as the case may be). I slept late...VERY. Ate left over Creme Brulee for breakfast. Have NO intention whatsoever of putting on any make-up or clothing other than sweats...with warm socks and NO shoes. And watching TV. And catching up on blogs. And maybe taking a nap. Hank is going hunting...only a few days left of the season. Lorelai and her beau, Beau are headed to NYC in a couple of days to shop a bit and spend New Year's Eve with her best friend Amanda.

Legare will be back in town with friends in tow for New Years. Hank and I will declare New Year's Eve to be another Happy Do Nothing Day and flop down in front of the TV to watch our Tigers play in the Chick-fil-a Bowl.

I leave you with a few photos...I particularly love the one of our family. Seems like we only get a family photo once a year at Christmas.

Lorelai and Beau


I insisted that the "children" go outside and leave oats for the reindeer. One of them threw oats in my hair...I suspect Legare, as his facial expression implies that he is more than pleased about something!
 Ned came home with us to spend Christmas night. We took him for his first trip ever to Starbucks. He's a convert!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Are you fearful of having a screening colonscopy? Don't be!

This won't be the most elegant post I've ever written for sure; however, it is an important one. If you or your parents are 50 years or older and have not had a screening colonoscopy, IT'S TIME.

Because of a family history of cancer,  Hank had his at 45 and thankfully so, because he had several pre-cancerous polyps at that time. He's had two more screenings since then with no problems noted so he's been released for five years.

Today, I had mine...I'd been dodging the whole idea for a year, but finally decided to put on my big girl britches and make the appointment....oddly, having to take off my big girl britches for the procedure. (I'm SORRY...that is a horrible joke but I could not resist...there is still residual anesthesia in my system.Yep, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

If you're in our area, I highly recommend Dr. Eddie Irions at Charleston Gastroenterology. Dr. Mullins, the anesthesiologist was also tip top. On our way to the "room" we talked about colleges and our kids and my job as a educator. Once inside, he put a couple of shots of something glorious into the IV and the next thing I know, I'm waking up from a blissful nap back the recovery area with Hank by my side. There was one polyp...might be pre-cancerous, might not. Let's pray for not. In any event, I'll go back in either three years or five years depending on the lab results.

I didn't want to go...but now that's it's over, I'm so glad I did. We got back home about 10:30 and I went straight to bed for a five hour nap. Not much sleep last night...but not because I was nervous. The most aggravating part of the process was drinking the prep/cleanse. Not fun, but tolerable. Only clear liquids yesterday with one dose at 5:00 p.m. and another at midnight. The midnight dose kept me up until about 3:30 a.m. and we had to be in the car on our way at 6:00 a.m...hence today's long nap.

Colon cancer is treatable when caught early. If' you're "about that age" do not delay.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Clemson Football: Military Appreciation Day

My camera has been acting up for awhile now but I was able to coax it into giving me a few good photos several weeks ago at the Military Appreciation Day ball game at Clemson. We haven't missed a home game this year...another reason for my neglect of the blog, I suppose.
The Military Appreciation game is my favorite of every touching.  Daniel Rodriguez is Number 83 and a combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. He was awarded a Bronze Star with Valor and a Purple Heart for his bravery. At halftime, the Clemson community honored the two pilots who provided air cover for Daniel and his unit during an ambush. We're proud of him!  OH...and we beat the mud out of Virginia Tech!