Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter...More later...

Happy Easter...more to share later, but in the meantime I just had to share this gorgeous photo of our beautiful Lorelai.  Hope you've had a joyful day!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hank's 30th....

No...not Hank's 30th birthday.  His 30th COLLEGE REUNION!!!  Glory Be!

We spent time on Saturday with old friends and had a marvelous time. The day began with lunch at Husk, our new go to place. We count the A clan among our oldest and dearest friends.  Dr. A was a math professor at College of Charleston for many moons and his oldest son P was a college friend of Hank's and ultimately a wonderful friend of mine. You may remember that we traveled to see P a couple of years ago to celebrate his and Hank's 50th birthdays. BB (before blogging) we loaded up our kids and spent two weeks in Europe while P was living there. He was a very patient and gracious host and we love him and his family quite a lot. Our merry band was rounded out with Philip's sweet mother, brother, sister-in-law, and their kids. I hated that Legare and Lorelai couldn't be there. We had a grand old time.

Words cannot express the deliciousness (!!!) of the oyster appetizer that P and I shared...I ain't EVEN joking...Holy COW!

After lunch P, his niece, nephew, and I waited on the jogglin' board.  It is new and needs to be broken in so that it joggles right.  We did what we could...

After lunch, we strolled around for a bit looking in an art gallery or two (or eight...) then we all headed home to shower and change for the Alumni event back at the college in the evening.  Unfortunately, it was disappointing. They oversold the event (apparently) and there were so many people that a body could hardly move around. It was poorly organized, but I won't waste your time whining about it. 

Spending time with friends we don't see often enough made the day just perfect as far as we were concerned!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I missed my blogaversary...

March 24 was my third blogaversary.  I missed it.  You missed it.  How in the world did we let that happen? YAY ME!!!

In reflecting over the last three years, boy howdy, lots has happened. Not the least of which is that Legare graduated from Furman and graduates from UNC School of Law (Go HEELS!) on May 8, and Lorelai  graduated from high school and just got her Clemson (Go TIGERS!) class ring, which indicates that she is a senior even though she is just finishing her third year. 

I've taken on a new job since March 24, 2008.  My brother Ned and both my mother and Hank's mother have moved from Hometown to Green Grove. I've lost and gained back about 25 pounds (BOO...I ain't proud of that...not one bit). Two personal trainers have been let go from their jobs because apparently I am the kiss of career death to a personal trainer...hence the regaining of the weight.

Hank turned 50 and I'm knocking on the door of 50. AND...I've made many many MANY wonderful new blogland friends. 

I SALUTE blog friends.  Thanks for reading my nonsense and staying with me this last year when I've been swamped with the new job.  I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel (rather than feeling like the train is about to run me over) and life is good!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rejected! Roy where you're going!

So...US District Court would not excuse me on my terms. I got strung along until just a few minutes ago when I called to get my reporting instructions for 9 AM tomorrow.

I've been service is not required.  On one hand, I'm very very happy.  On the other hand, how DARE they reject me!  Me...Queen of the Land of Belle. Was it because my son is almost a lawyer?  Is it because my husband works for a public utility?  Was it because I'm an educator?  Was it because I said I could not be objective if selected for a case where a crime was allegedly committed with a firearm purchased illegally?  (Yep...that's probably it...) They asked and I wasn't gonna lie...

I called Legare up in Chapel Hill to tell him I'd been rejected.  He was driving through campus on his way to a Farm Law seminar.  All of a sudden he said, "I can't find a parking place.  Why can't I find a parking place? Oh shoot...I almost ran over Roy Williams."  Roy was apparently jogging off some stress. I imagine he's still a little bummed about the Heels not playing ball last night.

Thankfully, Roy will live to see another day.  I, on the other hand, am still REJECTED!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Beautiful Days and a Good Man

So...what are y'all doing out there on this beautiful day?  I'm putting together my final porfolio for a grad class and GLORY HALLELUJAH it is almost done.  As of next week, I'll be done with one of the classes. Life is indeed good.

Hank likes to get out of the house when I'm doing schoolwork because he wants to talk to me and I get all snippy back at him when I'm trying to concentrate.  It hurts his feelings. He packed up this morning and went to pick up Ned for a day at the farm. Ol' Ned recently reminded him that they'd not spent much time over there since Christmas so today will be a win win all the way around for everybody.

I've got to pay tribute to my wonderful husband.  We talked long and hard before I took the principal position because I wanted him to understand what the first year would be like...particularly for a first year principal opening a new school. He said he understood and supported me and he has stayed true to his word...and I know it hasn't been easy because his job is demanding in its own right.

Bless his heart, he hasn't complained that I've hardly cooked a meal on a weeknight in an entire year. Clean clothes just magically appear in the dresser drawers and closet. He's tended to Mother and Ned on weekends while I worked on "work work" and class work. When I start to teeter totter on the edge, he pulls me back. He's the best daddy who ever lived. Look at the smile on his face when he's with his little girl. I don't tell him enough what a blessing he is...not nearly enough.

Tell us a little bit about a wonderful person in your life!!