Sunday, September 9, 2012

Being Stove Up...and Football

I'm mindful of age today...partly because I have a birthday in October but mainly because it was hotter than the hinges of hell yesterday at the ballgame in Clemson and THEN we drove the whole 3 plus hours home without stopping. We are "all stove up" as my grandmama used to say...meaning we are moving slow today. Hank did go out for a walk awhile ago. I sat on the sunroom couch and stalked my children and their friends on FB.

OH...look at the adorable shoes I found on sale at Steinmart on Friday night!  I got lots of compliments on them at the game. The laces REALLY rock, don't they?

We did have a great time yesterday, in spite of the heat. It was a 12:30 game so we did a brunch tailgate for Lorelai and assorted friends. Our Tigers won handily, eventually playing third string players. I love it when those guys get time on the field. It appears that our backup quarterback is pretty good, all things considered. Nice! My intent was to take pictures with my iPad but the glare was awful. Didn't take a one.The camera goes in the bag next weekend.

Poor Legare...his Tar Heels had a bad day at Wake. Unfortunately for him, his Furman Paladins are probably going to have a bad day next Saturday at Clemson. Hank and I need to put together "house divided" outfits...thing is that Furman's colors are purple and white. Clemson's are orange, purple, and white. It will be hard to tell the Furman people from the Clemson people.

I think there is an old FU t-shirt up in his closet.  I KID you NOT!  FU for Furman University. Furman, otherwise known as "The Country Club of the South" holds a special place in our hearts...the boy had four wonderful years there.

I'm feeling like a couple of ibuprofen and a nap.  What are you up to?

Monday, September 3, 2012

My Annual Presidential Election Year Post

I'm not fond of labels and certainly not fond of propaganda. I'm reasonably smart and not crazy (and to paraphrase Dr. Sheldon Cooper...I know I am/am not because my mother had me tested) and I read a lot. I am also reasonably intuative. I do NOT assume that everybody I know agrees with me from a political standpoint, nor that they are any less smart or intuitive than I just because their politics differ from mine.

And that's OK. People who know me well know that I'm the kind of gal who stands by her convictions.  And while I have strong opinions and would love nothing more for everybody in the world to agree with me (because I'm so smart and not one bit crazy, don't you know...), never ever will everybody in the world have a desire to live in the sunshine of my opinions in the Land of Belle.

I consider myself an independent but have probably voted more often for candidates on the Democratic ticket. I have never ever just hit the straight ticket button.

Having said thus, and agreeing that folks surely are entitled to put what they desire on their blogs or Facebook pages, my bottom line is this:

I don't have time or energy for all sorts of negative dithering about between now and Election Day. I've got football games to attend...tailgate parties to organize...and work. That high school isn't going to run itself.

Certainly, I'm always up for good discussion and a respectful exchange of ideas. Not so much the name calling and vitriol.

You vote your conscience and I'll vote mine.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hank, the Little Old Ladies, and Family Reunions

My husband is a brave man!

Last Sunday, Hank picked up his mother at "the home" and took her back to Hometown for a family reunion. Being the brave man that he is, he decided to carry her to church and to transport "Miss" Peggy, who celebrated her 90th birthday two weeks ago, around too.

It's an hour drive from here to the home and another hour from the home to Hometown. By the time he got Miss Peggy loaded up from her house and made it to the church...the country church that both little old ladies have attended all their lives...they were late. Now hang with me here...

The music director, Gator (he has a real  name but I don't know what it is...have only ever heard him called Gator) was at the podium announcing a hymn. As Hank's merry little band walked in, Hank's mother HOLLERED from the back of the sanctuary, "Hey there Gator!!"  to which I am told he replied, "Hey there Betty!!!" then went back on about his business.

So...the service continued and seeing as it was the end of summer and new Sunday School classes were about to start up, it was incumbent upon the superintendent of Sunday School, Mr. Clary Mole to give a report and hand out awards for perfect attendance and so forth. It got to be about a quarter to twelve and he was 30 minutes into his part of the service and seemed to have no intention of wrapping things up...and the preacher hadn't even read the scripture yet, much less started the sermon AND the family reunion started at 12:30 at the Shrine Club clear back to town and around the other side. Miss Peggy started to get twitchy. She does NOT like to be late to family reunions. SO she sat up straight and tall in the pew next to Hank and said...not softly...Doesn't he KNOW what TIME it IS?  Hank replied, "No ma'am, I don't think he does. Let's go on ahead over to the reunion." And they did. Hank reckoned that he really didn't have anything to lose at that point.

The reunion was enjoyable, except that for several years in a row now, Miss Peggy has just missed winning the prize for being the oldest person there. She's always a tiny bit disappointed, I think. Not that she wishes the one person older than her any just might be nice it that person stayed home one year. I mean, really, who doesn't like to win a prize?