Saturday, July 20, 2013

Legare's New House and Our 30th Anniversary

It's been a busy two weeks. On July 4th, Hank and I loaded up a U-Haul trailer and he left for Clemson where he unloaded said furniture at Lorelai's and reloaded some furniture she was using to take to Legare and his new house. On July 5th, we met up in Charlotte at Legare's new house to unload furniture and help get things settled there. Hank painted and I cooked the first decent meal anybody'd eaten since the move. In a moment of brotherly love, he invited Lorelai to come for the weekend also. Fried chicken, collard greens, tomato pie, peach pound cake. A really good comfort food sort of "first" real meal in a new home.

Hank and I left about dark to settle in for the weekend at the Ritz. We looked like poor old country come to town dragging in there after working hard all day. When we got to our room we found this waiting for us. Legare had called to tell them that we were celebrating our 30th anniversary.

On Saturday morning, we headed back over to the house. It's a lovely little neighborhood...he's less than ten minutes from his office in the Bank of America building...the one with the crown on top, but it feels like a small town neighborhood. Robert was working on getting the big television mounted on the wall in the den and Legare was walking around supervising.

While Hank started back in on the painting (and Legare continued to supervise), Lorelai and I headed in the vicinity of SouthPark Mall to look for some clothes for her and for MY anniversary gift. Sue and Louis were in Charlotte checking in on Sue's mother and they joined us for a bit. I found the gift and Hank joined us later to seal the deal. I'll show you the earrings later...I'm wearing them and do NOT do "selfies." Later, Sue and Louis, with her mom in tow, came by to check out the house.

Late in the afternoon, Hank and I went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. Lorelai, Legare, Robert, Hank, and I went to The Capitol Grill for the most delicious dinner I've had in awhile. Drinks...appetizers...beautiful porcini rubbed delmonico steaks for the gentlemen, parmesan crusted sole for Lorelai, and a filet and lobster tail for me. Delicious sides to share... and a wonderful surprise champagne toast AND dessert, compliments of the establishment. When the check came, Legare and Robert each whipped out a credit card and dinner was on them. SO SWEET! We were so enthralled with all of the food that we didn't take a picture!

We got up on Sunday morning and packed to head back to the Lowcountry, while Lorelai got on the road back to Clemson. It was a wonderful WONDERFUL weekend.

Bingley waved goodbye. He loves his new house and his fenced in back yard.

Hope you're having a good weekend!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Snap Crackle Zizzle Zazzle Pop Pop Bam

I found a section on blogger that I didn't know was there...some spot where it looks like spam comments were sent pending approval.

One said that my post titles weren't "catchy" enough.

How's this one for catchy?