Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What the future may hold...

While we were sitting on the beach late Saturday afternoon with Meg and Will, an elderly man and woman, in black bathing suits and straw hats, walked along the edge of the surf holding hands.  I leaned over to Hank and said, "Well, there we are in in about 30 years."  A minute later, another woman joined them and I added, "Look...there's Meg."  Will remarked, "Yep, you'll have to take care of her because I'll be dead by then..."  We all assured Will that we CERTAINLY did hope that he would NOT be dead by then. 

We got quiet for a bit as we continued to watch the trio and it seemed like I should be taking photos...don't know why exactly...it just did.  When they all three held hands and started to walk into the water...well...it was just the sweetest thing.  Hope you enjoy the photos...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

It must have been a full moon...

...but it wasn't.  Lord HAVE MERCY, last week was a humdinger at school.  When Friday afternoon got here, we were packing our bags to head down to Folly Beach to join Will and Meg, who had been on a glorious week of vacation at a friend's condo.  I'll let the pictures tell the story...boating, the calming goodness of pluff mud and salt water, good food, good fellowship, riding around on the golf cart, sitting on the beach watching the people. 

I read a book once (actually, I've read books many times) which talked about "thin places" where we feel the closest to God.  I'm pretty sure that He created salt water and pluff mud just for me.  That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.  I hope that you enjoy it too. 

Where are your thin places??

Enjoy the photos...

Lunch at TACO BOY...mango margaritas...yummy!

Folly Beach is an eclectic place...you see ALL kinds of people and all kinds of sights...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another reason why my brother Ned ROCKS!

In case you're a new reader who doesn't have a handle on my history.  Ned is my almost 42 year old brother who has Downs Syndrome.

So, a new young man has moved into the group home.  Ned and the other two boys who have lived there the longest get along marvelously.  Their family backgrounds are the same and they are all very gentle and well-mannered souls.

Enter Bob.  Bob who has QUITE a mouth on him and appears to be hyperactive.  My understanding is that his mother is a widow and was perhaps not equipped to handle him.  (Although, our daddy passed away when Ned was just thirteen and mother did just fine...) I kind of feel like Bob just says some things for shock value because he wants the attention.  Although, we're told that he'll sometimes refuse to do what the staff asks him to do. 

The big thing, though, is that Bob tries to bully the other guys.  I've heard troubling stories from the mothers of the other guys, but nobody has ever called us to say that Bob was bothering Ned, so I inquired the other day.  The house manager couldn't help smiling as she said, "Ned won't put up with that...anytime it looks like Bob might be going to start up, Ned says, 'Bob, I'm not talking to you when you act like this.' and turns around and walks away."

We were all assured that the personalities and behaviors of the guys chosen to live in the house would be compatible.  Having said that, Bob may stay, OR, Bob may go.  In the meantime...I think you'll agree with me when I say...


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another Week Becomes History

...and another week gone, but not forgotten !!  The Monday holiday was quite a blessing, might I add.  The remainder of the week was routine...meaning that I hear, "Mrs. Southern...I have a question..." at LEAST every five minutes...sometimes more.  Generally the questions are pretty easy to  handle.  It's when I hear an adult utter the words, "Mrs. Southern, we have an issue..." that my blood runs cold.   Oddly, the issue is usually no big deal, but the seriousness of the tone and the looks on the faces of the adults with the "issues" causes me a split second of terror. Not quite sure how to address this particular challenge just yet. Perhaps it's my own insecurity as a new principal causing the moments of terror.  I know not...Any ideas?

Just got back from Clemson.  Getting away the last two weekends has been sheer joy.  If I stay home, I feel compelled to work.  If we go out of town and I "accidentally" leave the laptop home then I cannot POSSIBLY work and feel very relaxed when we return home.  Here are a few photos...

By the way, the other side lost....BADLY!

I seriously need to start training some other people to take pictures.  I'm NEVER in any of them.

We stopped by Green Grove on our way home to visit with mother and Ned for a little while.  Ned's birthday is in a few weeks and he's requested a cookout (what some of you Yankee friends of mine might call a barbeque, even when you aren't actually serving barbeque.)

I reckon we're going to be having a cookout sometime around October 3.  He doesn't ask for much, bless his heart.

Have a lovely week.  Here's wishing you NO "issues." 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Football Season

I'd love to tell you that things have calmed down on the work front but they haven't. We just aren't even going to talk about it. We're going to talk about FUN!

Hank and I packed up late Friday afternoon and took off for a Clemson weekend that would bring visits with both of our children and, of course, the TIGERS! You may remember that I made every attempt early on in our football obsession to create the perfect tailgate experience. Ninety percent of the time, Hank and I enjoyed the experience alone because Lorelai wanted to be with her friends at parties closer to the stadium. We have a beautiful parking area, but it is on the edge of campus. She doesn't love hiking over there, especially now that she lives off campus. So, Hank and I now glom on to invitations we receive to tailgate with other people. It's easier anyhow...we just carry food and drink and don't bother with tables, chairs, and tent. I do miss planning my "perfect" experiences though.

To tell you the truth...my favorite time is when the team gets ready to run down the hill.  Gives me a chill every single time.

Legare and friends traveled to Atlanta for the UNC-LSU game.  If the Tar Heels had been able to dress out all of their players, I believe they'd have won the thing.  Clemson brought down North Texas (a school which none of us had every heard of) but the "green mean" put up a fight.  Our boys better hunker down before the game with Auburn in a couple of weeks.

Legare met us in Greenville for brunch on Sunday morning at High Cotton.  Crab Cakes Eggs Benedict to DIE FOR!  This was first time we've seen the boy since he accepted the offer of gainful employment post law school. 

I'm rested...ready to jump back into the thick of things.  After all, it's a short week and next week....MORE FOOTBALL!!!!!

What did you do for Labor Day weekend???