Sunday, April 22, 2012

Heavy sign and roll of the eyes...

Yesterday afternoon as Hank was winding up his day at the farm, he lost the tractor key. He got up this morning while the girls and I slept in and he and Mr. Ike, who helps watch out for things at the farm, got a giant magnet and in short order found the key in the tall grass. Being the swell guy that he is, Hank stopped by Green Grove to check in on mother before he came back home. He could not WAIT to share the following with me...

HANK: I know your mama doesn't know what she's saying half the time but I got a kick out of her today. 

BELLE: Do tell.

HANK: Just before I started for home she said, "Hank, I'll understand if you need to leave Belle one day, but please don't ever leave Ned and me.'"

Now, I ASK you...which part of the "half the time" does he think she was hanging out in...the half where she knows what she is saying or the half where she doesn't know what she's saying? And why on EARTH would he get a kick out of that???

Good thing I have more than my share of healthy self-esteem.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

What did you learn this week?

I learned that...

1.  Chicken salad is better when you cook the chicken yourself instead of taking a shortcut with a rotisserie chicken, which is good but not AS good.

2.  I should never try to make up my own exercise moves.  Ouch.  Part of the problem could be that I haven't exercised in forty forevers.

3.  Being too nice can backfire. BIGTIME!

4.  It is very hard to find a nice dress (i.e. guest of an outdoor lowcountry wedding) with 3/4 length sleeves that doesn't look like it is supposed to be worn by a little old lady. 

5.  You cannot walk into a spa on prom weekend and expect to get a "walk ins welcome" appointment.

6.  The TV show Duck Dynasty is HILARIOUS.  Oh My Gosh...I almost fell off of the sofa laughing.

7.  Meryl Streep was superb in the role of Lady Margaret Thatcher but the movie eventually put me to sleep. Glad we didn't go see it in the theater.

8.  Going to the farmer's market and doing the farm to table "thing" can be just as much fun as going out to dinner.  Except for the whole cleaning up the kitchen thing.

What did you learn this week???

"Heavy the Head that Wears the Crown"

Shakespeare...Henry IV...Part II...Act III, Scene I

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Springtime in the Lowcountry AND a "Tell us about it..."

We didn't have much of a winter down here, but for the first time that I can remember in recent years, we are having a "real" spring.  Usually we jump feet first from "BRRRRRRRRRRRR I've got the shivers" weather to "Oh my good golly, I am going to MELT in the heat and humidity" weather.

Last month, our next door neighbor launched that first of (hopefully) many to come 2nd Friday porch parties in our little village. We weren't able to go because Louis and Sue were arriving for the weekend; however, the second 2nd Friday porch party was last night just down the road and we had a great time. It's a simple person provides the "porch" (i.e. porch, kitchen, dining room, patio, deck, poolside, outdoor living room) and guests brings an appetizer to share and their own beverages. Everybody shares the joy and fun, while shouldering a small part of the responsibility. I was able to get home from work, prepare my hot artichoke dip and prop my feet up for a little bit before leaving.  It was lovely...the foot propping and the party...the dip wasn't bad either.

Even though our little community is very small, there are folks I go for AGES without ever seeing. Hank runs into people a lot at the post office but still, it's easy to lose track of  what neighbors are up to as well as what is happening with their grown up children, many of whom I taught when they were back in middle school.  I look forward to the 2nd Friday of March.

Do you have any sort of routine social event in your life?  Tell us about it...