Saturday, September 7, 2013

I try and I try... keep up with blogging. It just isn't meant to be a weekly (or apparently monthly) activity right now.

Lorelai and Legare are fine. She is enjoying her counseling internship and her new part time job working in the tutoring center for student athletes at Clemson.  He's on a unrelenting quest to furnish his new house.

School has started for me.  Fabulous group of new students this year. Dream team of a staff. It's all good.

Hank is busy supervising work on a bedroom remodel, bathroom addition, and new roof at the summerhouse and, as the most patient person in our family, still heads up the highway once each week to check on the little old ladies and Ned.  He's busier in retirement that he ever was when he went to an office every day.

Our Clemson Tigers did good work on Georgia last week. Have to share a "smile" story with you. We have four season's tickets. When Hank and I realized that it was going to be an 8:00 p.m. game, we decided to watch from home. I love night games, but not ESPN Game Day games where people start their parties at the break of dawn. All of the hullabaloo makes me a little nervous.

Anyhow...Lorelai wanted two of the tickets and I sold two on StubHub. Here's the smile part...the face value on each ticket was $75. SOMEBODY bought those two tickets for $590!!  Maybe they got their money's worth because it was a fabulous game (unless they were Georgia fans). All I know is that Legare, Robert, Hank and I sat in our comfortable chairs in our cool den, eating wings, BBQ, rice and hash, slaw, and homemade ice cream... and after StubHub took their cut, I deposited $501.50 in my checking account.

Happy, happy, happy.