Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fall Swap- All About Me!

Preppy Mama is hosting a Fall swap. She provided us with some questions that we could answer to help our swap partner decide what to send. Here are my answers...

Do you have any hobbies? Blogging is the latest and greatest. I love to read...enjoying cooking when I have time. This fall we're Clemson crazy.

Do you enjoy crafting? I piddle with scrapbooking and have been working on a yo yo quilt for two years...can't quite get there.

5 Favorite things you can’t live without. ONLY FIVE? That's tough...books, coffee, chocolate, my digital camera, computer.

Do you have any Children or pets? I'm not much of a pet person but we do have a little maltese named Precious (she's not) and an orange cat named Boo. Two children...Legare, age 22 and a first year law student at University of North Carolina, and Lorelai, age 18, a freshman at Clemson.

Favorite things to do in the fall. Organize (anytime seasons change I have an overwhelming desire to clean out closets and drawers), wrap up in a quilt and read or watch movies, eat fair food, start my Christmas list and shopping, wear sweaters.

What makes you think of fall? longer days, falling leaves, football games, the start of school

Favorite treats? Lindt truffles, Gummy Lifesavers, Harbro Gummy Fruit Salad

Favorite color combo. pink and green for sure, brown and turquoise,

Any allergies? No, thank goodness

Favorite autumn scent? apple, cinnamon, pumpkin....


  1. These is awesome! You're the 2nd blog I visited today who is into this swap thing. Is this your first time?

  2. Thank you so much for the info! I sent an email to your gmail with mine. Time to start hunting for gifts! :)


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