Monday, August 25, 2008

More Amazing Awards...I'm Humbled...

Maracris over at Zen Ventures made my day...The blog world has been good to me in the last week or so. She's passed along a couple of awards for which I am truly TRULY thankful. I never dreamed that blogging would be such a wonderful outlet and that I'd "meet" so many amazing people who share similar interests. Thank you, Maracris, for the honor and vote of confidence

I'm going to think on (that's belle-speak for consider, weigh my options, research the possibilities) who I'll be passing the joy on to for a few days and report out at the end of the week. I'm swamped at work what with the start of school and worked diligently to stockpiled several posts over the weekend to get me through the week. I'll find the time to read through my faves, comment, and moderate comments until the weekend rolls around.


  1. Congratulations, you deserve it!

  2. I'm so excited about the fall swap! I'm glad I have another Southerner as a partner ;)

  3. You are a great blogger, and you have great taste in schools! :) Go Tigers


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